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August 12, 2011

Little Miss Attitude.

Antu: Amma Chota Bheem is my favorite.
Me: Ok.
Antu: The princess and the moon is my favorite in Chota Bheem.
Me: Great!
Antu: Akka's favorite is the super hero one.
Me: Ok.
Antu: Whats is your favorite, Amma?
Me: I dont have a favorite.
Antu: What is your favorite?
Me: I dont have a favorite, Antu because I dont like Chota Bheem. It is the silliest show ever and I regret the day I bought the DVDs.
Antu: You only like Cricket, Amma? (She still remembers the IPL days, I guess!)
Me: Yes. I like Cricket.
Antu: And I like Chota Bheem.
Me: !!!

You should have been there to see the look in her face and the attitude and the way she turned her back to me and walked away after saying that! God! I thought only Ashu will leave me speechless with her profound questions and answers!

So we are back safe and sound back in Zurich. Came 10 days back actually but feels like forever! Ashu's school has nt reopened yet so we are enjoying the Swiss Summer which is rain mostly! The flight back was as uneventful as it could be. The kids slept most of the duration, I watched Rio (such a cute movie!) and also slept like a good girl instead of watching five back to back movies like I did the last time. The husband came AN HOUR late to the airport because of some accident in the Autobahn! That was the toughest hour of the trip. I hate it when I cant see a familiar face when I come out of the airport. Ashu who never asked for her dad even once the entire 4 weeks ran like a wind and hugged him and would nt let go when she saw him. Antu who had been asking where Appa is and when we can go to Zurich at least a dozen times everyday saw him, started sucking a finger and looked down! I, of course, ran over his feet with the heavy trolley and walked towards our car!


A and A said...

Welcome back :) "nondhu noolaayiten" chance-a illa!

yaadayaada said...

Can't wait to see the little one make you speechless!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, we have been missing you..

Anonymous said...

//Antu who had been asking where Appa is ... looked down //
really? wow, I am happy :))) ... sounds like a wierdo comment eh?! :)

I dont know if its the same behavior as Daya's or just that I have misread the line ... Daya gets so overwhelmed when he sees the person he loves after a time gap, he would hide his face anywhere and in anything ... sometimes even cries wildly ... I have never been able to explain that it is some strange form of love - had been smiling to myself imagining how confused his girlfriend is going to be with him!!! ... but he is so peculiar with love and its expression.

When I read your line I thought Antu was doing the same! ... so was happy to imagine that Daya isnt alone! :)

Choxbox said...

LOL @ last line!

smartassbride said...

serves you right for calling it the silliest show ever ;)

i love reading your tags as much as I enjoy reading the posts!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the grind.
Where did you get the Chotta Bheem video? I searched for it and could'nt get it last time!

Mum's delight said...

Hi Boo, glad you're back in Zurich. Let's catch up sometime soon with the kids.

Meera said...

Vacation over? and Antu rocks... such wisdom :)

ashok said...

I hear chota beam all the time at home :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

last line was so "boo"..

welcome back - please write more...

Sujatha Ramesh

LG said...

Antu: You only like Cricket, Amma?
Me: Yes. I like Cricket.
Antu: And I like Chota Bheem

Impeccable logic.

India said...

They don't fear anything to say anything.But it makes us amuse.

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