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August 20, 2011

Another First Day.

It was Ashu's first day of first grade on Tuesday. All four of her best friends including G are in the same class and seeing the class list, I was more relieved than Ashu! I have a good relationship with those girls' moms and its nice to see that I don't have to make new friends at this age! ;)


Mim said...

at least you seem amenable to the idea.

i have totally decided not to.
(yes, i am turning into my ma)

yaadayaada said...

one more rekkai for the kili!!

Anonymous said...

She is growing so tall each day huh? Congratulations on the milestone :)

B o o said...

MiM - with our situation here, one has to if at least for arranging play dates!!

YY - i somehow feel 1st grade is more than one rekkai. sob sob!

weourlife - thanks. yes. sigh.

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