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January 10, 2011

Another one flies the coop.

Today was Antu's first day at play school. I was in tears in the morning. I felt pathetic for being so upset. God only knows how my mom let us go live in hostels and then let us get married! I dont remember being so upset when Ashu started school because she cried so much and took so much time to settle down that I had no time to think about my feelings. But Antu has been so excited and talking about this school non stop the last one month. "I am going to play school. My friend D is there.", she has repeating this a million times to anyone who would listen. After loads of deliberation, we as usual settled on a English speaking play school because of the comfort factor. And Antu will be starting two days a week to begin with. After dropping Ashu, Hd and I drove with Antu to her new school. We went in and I changed Antus shoes and she walked in. I was talking to the care givers for a few minutes, took a few pics and said bye to Antu. She waved to me and her dad and continued playing in the toy kitchen. I drove home and wondered about the point of my life staring at blank walls! One of the teachers called at 10.15 am to let me know that alls well and Antu is having fun. I cant believe Hd did nt think to hide the kitchen knives today!

So that Antu does nt feel bad, Im doing the same style of update as I did for Ashu.

What was playing in the car?

Antu's favorite "Kangal Irandaal". Hd switched on the music and this song started playing. We reached the school just when the song ended.

What was Antu wearing?

Ashu's old pants and a new full sleeve cream color top her dad bought her from London. Ashu's old sneakers and pink jacket.

What was she most excited about?

That she was going to "school" and that she is going to see D there.

What did she eat?

Milk, toast and quark at home for breakfast.

What was in her snack box?

The school gave her snacks. She said she ate bread and black colour nut!

Where is she schooling? Why this school?

Oooh! My chance to say that she's schooling in Switzerland! :) Its a small and sweet play school which is nearby and recommended by many friends.

How is Antu taking to School?

Like how I take to Jalapeno Poppers! Err.. like duck to water, I meant to say!

The day before first day of school.

It was a Sunday. Antu could nt understand "tomorrow" and insisted she wanted to go to school "now"!

The one thing that was more difficult than picking out the school itself.

Sigh! Dropping Antu and coming back to an empty house.

What I found most disturbing?

I called my mom after coming home and she did nt say "there! there!". Instead lectured me how to use my time when Antu is away! Cruella de Vil would have been more sympathetic, I tell you! hmph! Thankfully, my dad knew exactly how I felt and told me what a big mistake I have made by sending Antu to school. That felt good. :)

I picked up Antu at noon and she happily said bye to everyone, wore her shoes and followed me. This one just exists to break my heart. One tiny piece at a time.


utbtkids said...

There, there. Its okay :)

Mahes said...

Good Luck to Antu and mommy! LOL on your mom's lecture.

yaadayaada said...

Why Why Why? Why school so soon!! Well.. Guess Antu needed a break! OK then.

Meera said...

Boo...I have been stalking your blog from blogeswari's over the weekend and man am gulping it down :) Dont have kids yet, neverthless had fun reading about Ashu & Antu, HD and trivia :)
You are definetly a reader's delight and very humorous one at that, so keep it coming gal!!
P.S:I also linked ur blog to mine, hope thats ok.

The Print Lover said...

Isn't this better than her crying and make it hard on herself? Appidinu ninaichu manasa thethikonga :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I have been postponing sending Junior to school for the very same reason ... ouch the heart break !

Antu didn't surprise you ... you almost knew she'd be fine.

Err ... small mistake : How is "ASHU" taking to school ... you meant Antu right ? Remember its about Antu this post :)

Also any words of advise to you and Antu from Ashu about this new adventure?

Aneela Z said...

tis the season of sending kids to pre-school. Arhaan started this week as well..I am really jealous of the place he goes to, I want him to stay home so I can go there every day!!

mnamma said...

Hugs Boo!! Antu does seem very very excited...

R's Mom said...

So whats Ashu's reaction to the whole thing :):) and fathers do understand na :)

starry eyed said...

Congrats on the milestone! And use your time fruitfully :P

Rohini said...

I am on your mom's side. Go to the gym or something. (You are not allowed to show me this when Tarana starts school and I am a blubbering mess) :)

Parul said...

So when do you start work then, Boo?


Bubble Catcher said...

Congrats on the milestone.
hehehehe.. agree with aneela.
my son BB also started school this week.and I love his school and would trade places with him a working mom,so dont know what it is like to go back to an empty home.But the MIL and SIL will surely find it difficult to deal with the quiet and peace at home in his sure you will start appreciating the time you get to yourself.

Choxbox said...

Err.. you need to change ‘Ashu’ to ‘Antu’ in the questions, no?!
Issokay - we second kids are used to it ;)

But congrats!

bitsofchocolate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bitsofchocolate said...

Antu's in play school already ?!

Hope she (and you) make a smooth transition to the new scenario

Time for the third ;-)

Sandhya said...

Loved your mom for being so practical and your dad for being such an understanding darling! Hope she enjoys school and hope you find ways to use your time fruitfulyl!

Sunitha said...

Congratulations to Antu and the proud parents. I am sure she will be amazingly successful in life!

Love your mom's stance....they are the people who keep us grounded and ambitious Boo :)

B o o said...

Utbt - You are a true friend! :)

Mahes - Thanks. :)

YY - Antu needs a break? Sandhula sindhu, huh?

Meera - Thanks for the lovely comment and the link love.

TPL - Thats what I thought. But its heart breaking nevertheless. Gear up! :)

CA - oops. this is why I should nt copy paste! ;) Ashu has loads to say. May be I should do a post. A sample - "You are a grown up, amma!!!!" sigh!

Aneela - LOL! So true.

MNIAmma - Oh she is. the ungrateful brat!

R's Mom - Ashu is disgusted that Im not behaving like a grown up!!! Fathers? bah! what do they know?!

B o o said...

Starry - Ok MOM! :p

Ro - Just you wait, Missy!

Parul - sigh! thats another reason I dont want Antu to leave the house ever! Now I have to field qs like "so what are you planning to do?"

Bubble Catcher - "No! Never! I ll always have an Antu shaped hole in my heart until the day I die!" Sorry. I always wanted to use that line on someone! ;)

Choxie - ha ha! Just like her hand me down pants and shoes, the blog post was too. ;)

PV - ahem! Let the second round get over first!

Sandhya - Thank you.

Sunitha - It makes me wonder who is going to keep Ashu and Antu grounded. Not me certainly! :D

R said...

awwww.....i can only imagine...

A and A said...

Poor Boo! Kids are acting like grown up and Grown ups are acting like kids!

I understand how it would be, my DH took my daughter to Doctor office one day and I felt very empty and wasn't myslef until she is home, though my boy was with me.

Tharini said...

I was gonna say aww, there there now..., but looks like UTBT stole my words! :)

Artnavy said...

awwww...she looks ust like ashu
LOVE that grin and hair.

i second yaadayaada!!

ashok said...

I remembered the first day of my daughter at school :) goes on...

Anusha said...

Hi Boo,
Ur blog is awesome and Ashu and Antu rock... Can't get enough of your writing and I love your humor. Keep giving ur readers stomach cramps from all the humor :)

B o o said...

Raam Pyaari - :)

A and A - LOL at the boy was with me! So cute! :)

Tharini - Thankoo.

Art - the hair! sigh! its a struggle everyday to tame it!

Ashok - thats the heart breaking part. that the life goes on.... *wipes tears*

Thanks Anusha. I will try my best. :)

Usha said...

Oh...I know exactly how that feels. Didn't eat lunch for a couple of days when S started full day school and almost got into a depression. strong...spend the mornings in a mall for a couple of weeks (minus the wallet please) :)

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Ur blog is awesome. Congratulations to Antu and the proud parents. Keep it up....

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