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January 16, 2011

Long Live Grandpas!

I read MM's recent post and could nt stop grinning. Grandpas surely rock and its the same in this household where the girls think their Thatha is the best thing that happened to them after gummy bears! The girls don't even acknowledge my existence when Thatha is around. The only lap both of them fight for is their Thatha's. Ashu who is so restrained when it comes to showing her affection screamed a high pitch shriek and ran to my dad when she heard his voice at the door in Madras. She hugged him and held on to him like a lizard on the wall for five whole minutes! He is the one who tells them stories of his trademark "Singaaram Bingaaram". For hours. On the phone! No wonder Ashu says that he loves her Thatha the most in the whole wide world!

I know I'm being a total copycat but Im sure MM wont mind if I post the below photos. I have to because of the striking similarity. I swear they were nt photo shopped! :)


utbtkids said...

Cute :)

Blogeswari said...

Che che! Copycat nnu solli taratta taazhtikkadeenga

unga post super unlike the 'typical' look-at-me-and-my-posts-they-are-so-senti-cry-for-me-bohhhooo types..

Vaazhga valamudan

Unknown said...

how adorable! :)

Mahes said...

Very cute!

the mad momma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the mad momma said...

Funny how grandpas have replaced grandmas as the favourite grandie.

What a lovely idea Boo - we should have turned this into a tag. Its hardly copycat. Just more spreading the joy!It will be nice to see how each person take the same thing and says it in their own way. The emotional ones like me, the humourous ones like you, the photobloggers, the sarcastic ones...

Choxbox said...

Copying MM’s comment ;) - it is sooppar!

And I’ve said this before - Antu’s curls are uber cute!

Unknown said...

Aww Boo - too adorable .

Blogeswari - surely most grandparents all over the world are super adored by their grandparents and adore them in return ?

IBH said...

such a sweet post, Boo!my dad calls the kid 'Jillu' and you wont beliebe how happy she gets and her face lights up!they hardly talk once in a week but when they talk, the world stops spinning, flutes are stuck in the air and such! ;)

Blogeswari - yen ya! oru simple sweet post a kuda ippadi compare panni sothapurengale? so what if the other one is sappy? it didnt stop boo to be a copy cat didnt it? coz it touched her unlike you who claim it didnt touch you but still went ahead, read it and comapred it here!


Anonymous said...

good reply IBH...totally agree with you


Anonymous said...

IBH - savukku your comment


B o o said...

Utbt - Thanks.

Blogeswari - I know you have been wanting a blog fight for a long time but idhu ungalukke over aa theriyalai? Enna paathaa paavamaa illai? Im sure some people might feel my posts are typical look-at-me-and-my-posts-i-am-so-funny-laugh-with-me-ha ha ha types. But I dont want to hear about it!

Mindful Meanderer and Mahes - are nt they just?

MM - You think? my Thatha was my fav. Its interesting how they pull that off especially when grandmas are famous for their murukkus and other yummy snacks! :)

Chox - :)

Eve's Lungs - Thankoo.

IBH - awww... I can imagine. Its a heart warming scene, right?

Rathi and Sandy - LOOK THERES A BIRD! *points to the sky*

The Print Lover said...

Wait a min. Is that your dad in the pictures? Man, he looks too young to be called a thatha!

Going by the family genes, I wont be surprised if u look 18. Yammadi!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Blogeswari (this one time only, though ;)

The reason I choose to read you BOO, is because of how you can make even the sappy "scenes" humorous.

-- Smit

Sue said...

Aw, grandfathers rock. My paternal grandfather was like that. Wrote me funny letters when I was on holiday.

the mad momma said...

@ Boo - well that I guess that is proof that the way to every heart is not via the stomach!

artnavy said...

So cute- LOVE her curls

I hope aditi's becomes that way- getting there anyway

I loved my thaathas too and can see that look of worship and adoration in my little girls too.

Will send u pics off line since i post only pics of the girls on the blog!

R's Mom said...

Cute cute cute! is that your dad? looks too young to be a grandpa just like TPL said...kala tikka to the pics :)

Unknown said...

Lovely post Boo, I wish K had a grandpa to indulge him. And who held a gun to some people's head and asked them to come read your blog if it irks them so much.

dipali said...

I hardly related to my mother's father, who was a rare visitor to our home. My other grandpa, though, I grew to love when I grew up and was teaching in his town, and would meet him every weekend. When I was young he was suffering from depression, and was hard to relate to. My Dad's maternal uncle was a wonderful grandfatherly figure in my life, as was my dear Phupha, who was probably a born grandpa- he had the knack of handling young kids from an early age:)
My husband is so keen on being a grandpa, but none of our kids are obliging! I can see him as totally indulgent, something like your dad, Boo.

A and A said...


B o o said...

TPL - I think the young gene skipped a generation! ;)that said, all my life I was mistaken for his sister, wife, etc... I hope I die before Im mistaken for his mother!!! I think the easier option would be to throw his hair dye!!!

Smit - sigh. thanks, I guess!

Sue - Mine wrote "listen to your mother always" letters. I guess I can safely say that he died trying! ;)

TMM - :)

Art - Dont come to me crying when you are trying to comb her hair though!!

R's Mom - I knew there was a reason I never posted his pic before! grr...

K - awww.,. hugs. He has two grandmas almost living with him, na? that makes up for these long distance relationships with Thathas. :)

Dipali - You and I are so similar. My moms dad was a strict type and though I had huge respect for him, I would nt dare to go near him while I was always sitting on my other Thathas lap. And V is going to make an adorable Thatha. Just you wait! :)

A and A - Thanks.

Itchingtowrite said...

grandpas uff!! cannots top talking abt the many ways they indulge the kids and give them all that u dont want to give them- juice/ chips / candies....
and gosh how mean can people get on such a sweet post!
loved indu's response

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