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May 17, 2010

Are you reading this, Pixar?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I have never been able to make my mind up on the answer. I take what Peter Parker's uncle told him very seriously - "With great power comes great responsibility". And why would I willingly take so much responsibility? Am I dumb or something? *swats the kids away from the laptop* So where was I? Yes, super powers. So with this zero ambitious mom, it was nt a big surprise that Ashu never took to pretend-playing super heroes. The most she has done is wearing her goggles and with a scarf around her neck and screaming, "Amma! Im sooper man" and promptly stumbling on a toy and falling down! Things changed about a month back. As always, she wore her silly costume (improvised with helmets this time!) and announced "Amma! I'm not sooper man!"

Me: You are not?
Ashu: No. But I can fly.
Me: Cool!
Ashu: And I fly to every ones house.
Me: And do what?
Ashu: I help, Amma.
Me: Can you come help me clean your room now?
ashu: No, Amma. I don't help for cleaning. I'm not Clean Man.
Me: Oh really? So what are you? Whats your name?
Ashu: I am Power Battery Man.
Me: Power what?
Ashu: Battery.
Me: *trying not to laugh* So what do you do, Power Battery Man?
Ashu: I go to kids houses while they are sleeping and change batteries in their toys and give them power.
Me: *definitely not laughing now*
Ashu: I am Power Battery Maaaaaaaaaaan! *runs aways with the TV remote*

Either my daughter has a very good imagination or I have way too many toys in this house which need battery replacement.


Unknown said...

Power battery man!! Lol . Where do they come up with such funny names! :)
But really useful kind of superhero. I have a lot of battery operated toys without batteries in my home too! .. I loveeeeee her costume.

Swati said...


Please send the power battery man this way ..we have lots of toys without battery :P

ambulisamma said...

Oh yes,it could be both.
Not to deny Ashu's imagination played so much on those battery less toys.I think its an indirect way of telling you guys to buy a battery factory or she wants to help poor kids who suffer like her without batteries.

Chakra said...

hahahaha... Power Battery Man... thats a funny name. :)

Me said...

LOL! Brilliant!

R's Mom said...

hahahahah! Amazing imagination :)

utbtkids said...

How cute is that!

A supre hero in touch with the present times indeed!

bitsofchocolate said...

Ashu's such a considerate Super Heroine !! Thinking about other kids' toys too - very cute !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Going by the toys begging for battery replacement ... we would love a Power Battery man visit :)

yaadayaada said...

Look at that attitude in the face! So cool!

dipali said...

Such a practical and imaginative child! Cute:)

Anonymous said...

where can I sign up for a visit from Power battery man ?

Unknown said...

Hi Boo,(wondering wht is ur real name!!!)

Reading your Blogs was very refreshing for me.I have recently changed to a new company and practically on bench even though assigned to a project...and we ahve this compulsory swiping as a proof of our 8 hrs stay in here I am madly surfing the NET thru out my time in office and luckily ahve chanced upon ur blog site(THANKFULLY) .....Ur list of 50 describing you is tooo gr8 ( absolute fun to read)and ur posts abt ur 2 cute daughters are too gud( myself being mother of 2 little imps)
Thanks for such intersting blogs and Please keep blogging.......

Momo's Ma said...

wow. what imagination. too good. :)

Shankari said...

Actually don't send power battery man this way..then all the batteries will get charged and all the toys will be blaring... (*evil laughter fading away as the evil mom runs aways!!!! *)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Too good. What an Imagination! And very useful too, this Battery man :))

Choxbox said...


Sooppar imagination!

B o o said...

Thanks Guys. Be prepared to welcome the Power Battery Man whenever she visits. And you can keep her! :)

Bubble Catcher said...

ROFL.She does have a wild but generous imagination

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