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May 26, 2010

Parenting 101.

( Ashu is playing )

Me: Ashu! Do you want to come eat your dinner now please?
Ashu: NO!
Me: Ok. Let me rephrase that. Come eat your dinner NOW.
Ashu: Ok. (comes and sits at the table)

Moral of the story: Nice does nt work.

See you in my next class. Have a great day!


starry eyed said...

LOL! Nice truly doesn't work. here's one for you...

Me: We're going home in 5 minutes okay?
Dhruv n Div: NO!
Me: Ok, let's go home NOW.
D&D: No let's go after 5 minutes
Me thinking : heh...I won!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Nice never ever works !!

Me: Pls come down and do your homework
She: NO
Me: (Tone change) 1, 2, 3, 4, .....
She: OK ... I am coming.

bitsofchocolate said...

You are fortunate that Ashu's very chamathu - the "NOW" works with her

To follow in the vein of the previous commenters:

Me: Bunnu, come and eat mammam
Bunnu: No
Me: Bunnu, NOW or all your Thomas trains are going to the trash
Bunnu: Then you'll buy me new trains ?

Anonymous said...

Good one...

nalladhu ke kaalam illai me and hubby keep repeating with my daughter when we are nice and she does not listen and have to raise our voices:))


Sands said...

So true. This happens everyday at our home and you would think they get better as they grow up :)

Me said...

Point noted. Will implement.

Anonymous said...

Same with husband. Same with maamiyaar. Nice never works! It will work against us.

Suni said...

Of course...of course. Nice never really works. And whoever told "Be polite and nice and don't ever lose your temper with your kid" has never really had a kid in his\her life!! So...waiting eagerly for your next lesson ma'am. :)

R's Mom said...

Okie..sample this

Me: R will you please sit on the potty
R: naiiiiiiiii
Me: R if you dont sit on the potty NOW, I will drop you into the bucket and no more bikkis for you
R: Amma Amma, Duck lao, Mein 'O Kuluchi (taking a bath)...after 2 minutes..'Ma no bikkis, Mein Kaju chahiye!!!!"

You are a lucky lady Boo!!!

ambulisamma said...

Ashu is a good girl,but we have this saying "Adi udhavara maadhiri annan thambi kooda udhava maattan".
Not adi but mirattals work.

Anna said...

Hay Boo, been following your blog for sometime now. And i would say your blogs are interesting to read. laced with lot of humor... :)See you around..

rrmom said...

I try to be the good mom and say things in a soft and nice tone but it doesn't seem to penetrate through S and N. The moment I raise the voice, I have all their attention.

Swaram said...

LOL .. nice lessons Boo and Starry ;)

Swaram said...

LOL .. nice lessons Boo and Starry ;)

dipali said...

You are learning fast, Boo!

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