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March 09, 2010

Gym diary.

Today at the gym, I left Antu in the kids care and was filling the form there. The one which asks for our names, check in time, phone number, etc... Theres a column where one has to write the date of birth of the child. While I was writing Antus, my eyes went to the last entry and saw that there was a March 2010. I was shocked. I ve seen infants at the kids care there and the moms taking a break from the work out and breast feeding them in the changing room. Yes, its true. And these are non celebrity women, for your kind information! But I was still shocked and saw the date again and tried to calculate how many weeks old the baby was when it struck me. The mom had, by mistake, written today's date in that column! phew! But you never know. Some mom might hit the gym right after the birth straight from the labor ward! These women just exist to make me feel bad about myself, I tell you.

I am the most over weight person in my gym. Except when this other woman comes to the gym. But I don't see her most days. Guess she waiting for a member fatter than her!

Its like a fashion show out there in my gym. I gotta admire these women. If I look anything like them, I ll sitting at home ODing on chocolate instead of sweating in the gym. And I still do it some days - the ODing on chocolate skipping gym, I mean! ;)

The gyms lake facing and its lovely to look at the water and the ducks and the boats while running in the treadmill. I feel so alive. Cant say the same about the ducks though! Poor things have to watch me run and sweat!

Antu is loving the kids care. Runs inside without even a backward glance at me. I cannot believe shes Ashus sister. Ashu who cried, screamed and yelled for WEEKS before settling down in her play school.

I'm on Week 7 of my C25K programme and jogged for 25 mins for the first time yesterday. Almost collapsed at the end. Oh Eesa kept me going the last few mins. Today it was Dhan te nan.

Ashu asks me everyday, "Did you go to the gym today, Amma?" If I say no, she gives a very disapproving look. So I ve appointed her as my personal trainer.

I have nt lost any considerable weight in these 7 weeks. (Do you even have to wonder why after that chocolate confession I just made?) But my clothes are looser and I feel good about myself. Thats a start, I guess.

Even though the programme says 5 kms, I am able to jog only 3 kms in 30 minutes. So I'm planning to repeat the programme by increasing the speed slowly and trying to achieve the 5 km mark.

My Gym playlist:

Aahun Aahun - Love Aaj Kal
Adiye Kolluthe - Vaaranam Aayiram
Boom boom - Boys
Chiggy wiggy - Blue
Title Song - Delhi 6

Dhan te nan - Kaminey
Dol dol dol - Ayutha Ezhuthu
Excuse me - Kandasamy
Fatak - Kaminey
Honey honey - Ayan

Ibn e Batuta - Ishqiya
Jana Gana mana - Ayutha Ezhuthu
Kodaana Kodi - Saroja
Masakali - Delhi 6
Oh Eesa - Aayirathil Oruvan

Vennilaavin theril Eri - Duet
Yakkai Thiri - Ayutha Ezhuthu

Can you please suggest some songs that really keep you going? I would love to add more to my list.

Im embarrassed by most of the videos. So dont judge me! Think of the greater good - me getting fit! ;)


mim said...

gymming /running is overrated. i plan to lose weight by working out the tips of my fingers.

posting comments on blogs, is one of the foremost and least documented ways, of losing weight...

you can listen to... banaras pattu katti

Manchus said...

For me the song that can keep me running in the treadmill is "Bachna Ae Haseeno" from the same title. And "Crazy Kiya Re" because everytime I listen to the song, I get the complex thinking about that PLASTIC MAIDEN who can dance and I try to run harder.

sub said...

I have all peppy/fast/kuthu songs that keep me going
1.vettaikaran songs
2.paiyya songs
3.slumdog millionaire
4.dostana-desi girl and shut up and bounce.
5.hip hop songs wud do the trick too.

Archana said...

How about Anbil Ivan and Hosanna from VTV? Of late, listening to these makes time go faster when lifting weights :-)!

MLC said...

i hate the treadmill (prfr outdrs- spoilt socal girl;-)).. so basd on yr list, i thnk u might like..

hasile fasile - AADHAVAN
hey rosu rosu - PADIKAADHAVAN
karigala kaala - VETTAIKAARAN
oru chinna - VETTAIKAARAN
idai vazhi - GOA
vaaliba vaa vaa - GOA
suththudhu suththudhu - KANDAEN KAADHALAI
kaatru pudhidhaai - KANDAEN KAADHALAI

Saranya Arunprakash said...

You can add:
1. Thee pidikka from Arindhum ariyaamalum
2. Pottu vaitha kathal thittam - Singara velan
3. Muthe muthamma from Ullasam
4. Pettai Rap from kadhalan
5. Nakku mukka

Balaji said...

My all-time fav is 'arjunar villu' from gilli. I always skip to it when I'm ready to stop and it always helps me go the extra mile... ok, the extra 0.1 mile :)

munmun said...

I envy the peppy tone of the post. makes me want to head for the gym...on second thoughts Wii fit would be better

Anonymous said...

excellent choice of songs in ur workout playlist.let me add some more from mine.

calabria remix.
hosanna from VTV
Single Ladies by Beyonce.
hips don't lie( performed by shakira at the world cup soccor 2006)
oh sexy momma( 13B )
La copa de la vida - (ricky martin)
Maria( ricky martin)
hope you like it.

PV said...

The most apt one would be "Paruvame" from "Moodu Pani" :-)

You might also like

Uyirin Uyire - Kakka Kakka
Saroja Saman Nikalo - Chennai 28
Rajadhi Raja - Agni Natchatiram
Raja Kaiya Vecha - Apoorva Sahodarargal
Rum bum bum - MMKR
Autokaran - Baasha
Athangara Marame - Kizhaku Seemayile
Sambo Siva Sambo - Ninaithale Inikkum

Mudi Mudi - Paa
Aal Izz Well - 3 Idiots
Dhoom Machale - Dhoom
What's Going On - Salaam Namaste
Gori Gori - Main Hoon Na
Fanaa for you - Fanaa
Pappu Can't Dance - JTYJN
Mauja hi Mauja - Jab we Met
Nannare - Guru
Agar Main Kahoon - Lakshya
Ya Ali - Gangster

swarna said...

kannukul kannai from VTV and Muqabula from kadhalan...will do it everytime for me on the jog,run and treadmill.
great work boo.keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's amazing but to be honest i have a hard time understanding it... I'm wondering what others have to say....

Rush said...

Hi Boo, I havent gone through other songs people have suggested. Please pardon any repeats.
It's been ages since I hit the gym myself - just had my baby 7 weeks ago - so I guess I will get your approval for not taking a cab to the gym right after delivery ;-)
I digress;
Here are some songs that kept me running
1. Desi girl (Dostana)
2. Shut up and bounce (Dostana)
3. Chakkar Ghumyo (Aamir)
4. Single Ladies (Beyonce)
5. Calle Ocho (Pitbull)

Broom said...

'Mind blowing Maahiya' gets me totally enthu.
Don't tell anyone, I said that.

Anonymous said...

hi boo,
along with gym, initially dieting helps to loose weight..if not wt loss is very difficult..i am on a diet / exercise with wii and in the past four month lost 13 kgs...yet planning on going to gym...but i cannot jog like u mention ( need to loose another 14 kgs for the perfect BMI)

cont the good work anyway

Anonymous said...

arjunaru villu harichandran sollu from Gilli is very good for walking fast/running

Nithya Sriram said...

Woow.. All the best !!!Any high beat song is an awesome motivator
Few from my playlist
1.New Billa Song -love the beat
2.Arabic Kadaloram - Bombay
3.Aatamaa therotamaaa- Captain Prabakaran
4.Nan mutham thindraval - Guru
5.Kai thati thati -Jodi
6.Uyirin uyire -kakka kakka
7.thenmerku paruvakatru - Karuthamma
8.Mercury mele - Majnu

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo!

"Im embarrassed by most of the videos." Hahahah that had me laughing out quite loudly to myself. Whenever I happen to like a song that's somewhat trashy, I always feel the need to justify myself too!

Anyway, a couple of suggestions:
1. Sundari from Kannathil Muthamittaal.
2. Ava Enna from Vaaranam Aayiram
3. Ten on Ten from Pyaar Impossible
4. Akele Akele from An Evening in Paris
5. Andhi Mazhai from Raaja Paarvai
6. Minsara Kanna from Padaiyappa

Also, do check out where they've got music according to bpm, specifically for exercising to. Occasionally I listen to those mixes when running. Useful in helping you keep pace.

Came across this quote on the back of a t-shirt: 'the only way to get more energy in your life is to USE it!'. All the best with the gym project! =)


B o o said...

Mim - LOL! I wish dude! I wish!

Manchus - You got me hooked now. Wonder why I never listened to Bachna E haseeno! Its rocking! And LOL at the plastic maiden! ;)

Sub - I like the songs from Paiya. But nothing dance worthy, no?

Archana - Hosanna yes. Anbil avan does nt work for me though.

MLC - I have nt listened to any of these songs. Will try them. But just because I ve warmed upto Simbu does nt mean I ll start liking Vijay, ok? NEVER! NO! Nahiiiiiiiiiii!

Saranya - Oh I love Thee Pidikka. Thanks for reminding.

Balaji - Sari. ungalukaaga will try that Vijay song! ;)

Munmun - Like Mim said above, if only writing could burn some calories off!! :D

Anon - Good choices. This reminds me of "Whenever wherever" by Shakira and Beyonce and Sean Pauls "Baby Boy". Used to be in my gym play list once upon a time! Should put them back.

B o o said...

PV - ROTFLOL! Paruvame indeed!! Btw, that song is from Nenjathai killadhe not moodupani! :) And thanks for the list. I love mudi mudi from Paa. Added.

Swarna - Thanks. I ve too much downloading to do after this post! :)

Rush - Congratualtions first! And dude, if anyone deserves to be resting now, its you! Gym can wait. thanks for the suggestions.

Broom - ROTFLOL! I dont feel so bad about "Excuse me mr kandasami" anymore! ;) and yes, this will be a total secret between me, you and the internet! :D

Jey - 13 kgs in 4 months? Wheres your feet? *bows* Im into potion control now. Hope its a start to better eating habits.

Anon - sigh! ok, will add that too like I promised Balaji.

Nithya - Wow! interesting list you ve got. All of them, my favorites! :)

Shraddha - You got me there! Its so embarrassing to admit I like certain songs, you know! ;) Thanks for the podrunner link. Its cool! And "Andhi mazhai", sigh! If the young Kamal in it cant motivate me to run, nothing will! :D

Anonymous said...

hi boo,
give me ur email id i will give u some secrets...( we started doing the diet as a group at work)
with ur inspiration i have booked an appointment in the local gym this evening with my hubby for a trial..i will update on how it went..( hope it helps me loose the 14 i want to shed)any way thanks for the article at the right time but for which i would still be hesitating

Swati said...

great going !

MLC said...

really? none of thm-a?? btw, only 'vettaikaaran' is vijay's movie frm tht list but both those songs wl DEF make u move!! thot u were a big suriya fan so am surprised u hv'nt heard 'hasile fisile' .. i'm sure u'll get hookd on to tht! and if u like hariharan, u shd hear tht last but one song frm my list! simply superb! keep it goin!

Anonymous said...

fortunately for me there are lots of fat people in the gym. but i am the only one who looks like something the cat dragged in, merely 10 mts in the routine. :)
so you are doing the 25k challenge with broom huh? for me, walking is currently an uphill task. jogging maybe in 5 years time, if i survive this.

Artnavy said...

i like mim's idea

ambulisamma said...

Boo its gr8 to jog 3 km in 30 mins,i just walk 3 km in 45 mins,but along with dieting,it helps me shred 1 kg a week.

Anonymous said...

wow thanks boo for this blog ... in your blog and comments together - so many good songs to know about! :)

best wishes! :)

I remember at the gym I used to go the recommended "perfect slim fit weight" for me was 48kg, I was wondering whether I was at that weight in primary school!!! :) My current weight is 65kg! 48kg not in this lifetime! :) I am working towards 60kg for the past 10 years!

Here is one fat woman you can think about! :)

Saya said...

wake up call - maroon 5.
love stoned - justin timberlake
july madham - pudhiya mugham
acham acham illai - indra
objection tango - shakira

Saya said...

pls put up updated list so that mes can caapies.. instead of reading all the comments and trying to add :D

Saya said...

pls put up updated list so that mes can caapies.. instead of reading all the comments and trying to add :D

bouncingbubble said...

1.Mohan/Suhasini song "Paruvamae..",
2. "Rojaappo aadi vanthathu" from Agni Natchatram,
3. Nagarjun song "Vidiya Vidiya nadanam"
4.Rangeela theme music

Neera said...

Wow Boo ..keep at it and then post pictures of a slimmer sexier you!

Have u heard 'uff teri ada' from Karthik calling Karthik ..its my abso hot peppy favorite these days and 'jaane kyon dil jaanta hai' from dostana too!

SwB said...

yes Boo we always see pics of babies, now we want to see mommy! ... slimmer and sexier the better!

Sasha said...

What about " rakamma kaiya thattu" from "thalapathy". Full of energy.

B o o said...

Jey - my email id is in my profile. boobabytalk at gmail dot com

Ummon - trust me. i could nt run for even 2 mins when I started this programme 7 weeks back. Try it. You might surprise yourself.

Madura - You are in the weight range Im trying to get. So no way! :)

Thanks Saya and Swati.

Art - I know! ;)

MLC - Did nt like Aadhavan in the first hearing. will try again. thanks.

Ambulis Amma - Good going.

Thank you Neera, bouncing bubble and Sasha.

Swb - yeah right!

Anonymous said...

hi boo,
did u get my email. i am not sure if it was the right id ...i know u are busy..w
as it of any use or too obsessed that u chose not to reply( Pls Dont publish this)

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