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September 02, 2009

Update on this and that.

So much is happening here that I dont know where to begin.

Ashu started Pre K and is loving it. I still cant believe shes going full day.

She said she did nt want to go to school on the 4th day but she was ok a little later and skipped to school the rest of the week.

Fil left. Its pathetic to see Antu on her own. She was like an extra limb to my fil for the past 10 days.

I can at last see the sign of two teeth which are about to sprout in Antus mouth. About time.

Im sad at the same time because theres nothing like a gummy smile to melt your heart.

Im sure now that Antu came into this world just to show me how easy I had it with Ashu when she was a baby.

Unlike her sister, Antu does nt want anything to do with Milk. Give her solids anyday. Thankfully, she gobbles up yogurt and cheese. And I mix milk in her food. So we are doing ok, I guess. But Im still baffled that how a milk guzzler like me and Ashu ended up with an Antu.

Antu is already down to only one nap a day. I guess second ones are born with their own agendas. We are just obstacles on their way.

After 2 months in India cosleeping with Antu, Im now trying to sleep train her again. She howled and brought the roof down last night when I tried to leave her alone in her crib. But she was fine with me just patting her. So theres hope. I ll update in a couple of weeks if Im still alive.

Ashu on the other hand is so tired by the end of the day that she sleeps in her bed before her head hits the pillow. But on the days she is nt very sleepy, she complains that shes scared that a wolf will break her window and come in and bite her! So she lies down on the sofa in the hall and goes to sleep. Whatever!

I ve finally given up on Ashu with respect to her eating habits. She brings back most of her lunch back from school and makes a big drama of finishing it at home. So basically she has breakfast, then the lunch box she carries with pasta or sandwich is her lunch, evening snack and dinner. Whatever!

To balance out, Antu loves to eat all veggies and fruits. Finally I get to see how it feels when a child shows interest in her food and asks for more. Thank you, Lord Subramania!

Ashu still has to be taken once and sometimes twice to the bathroom during the nights. Some nights, she gets up and asks us to take her to the loo. Some nights, she does nt. Hd is this close to buying pull ups again for her. But I think its not fair for a 4 year old. He thinks its not fair that he has to get up in the middle of the night. Well, thats life Mr. Sperm Donor!

And oh, the girls have started that sister thing I was dreading. When Ashus school friend came home, she would nt let Antu enter her room because G is her friend and they are playing. And Ashu shut the door on Antu! Sigh!


Tharini said...

shoooo cute Boo. These too are soooo cute! I don't know what else to say...only wish you could see this big huge smile on my face right now! :D

dipali said...

They are darlings, both of them.
And their mom:)

yaadayaada said...

Thanks for posting that last picture! Was looking forward to it since you described!

Praveen said...

cute kids! touch wood.
LOL @ Sperm donor.
So only Appas have to get up in the middle of the night to get kids to pee-a??

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Thankfully the girls room has no door ... its more a loft ... so no door slamming :D
Ashu and Antu look so cute together ...

Sands said...

My older one was the queen of untouched lunch boxes. After a few years I just gave up. Even now she is my picky eater. The younger one is a treat to watch. Loves his food there is never an untouched lunch box. You win some you lose some :) Kids look adorable.

btw, mine will wake their dad up in the middle of the night to tell him they just used his bathroom. Something to look forward to ;)

Me said...

OMG! Looks like ashu has mastered the art of smiling in front of the on photos 1 & 2 looks exactly the same!

Last photo la jeans and white top on both...Yaadayaada neenga select pannadha?

Rohini said...

All the best with the sleep training! Love the pics of the little, bald Antu :)

artnavy said...

adorable specially the last snap!!

anush viists the loo herlsef if
she needs to at night...:-))

BUT she refuses to sleep on her own bed:-((

utbtkids said...

Is this week of giving up on food?

Couple of days back, for the first time in 4 years eight months, I put Chula's dinner plate away and sent her to bed empty stomach. The tension in the house was so thick you could cut it with a knife. But the good thing was one person got very scared and quickly gobbled up the food - the husband and also shoved the food in Mieja's plate in to lil Mieja's mouth.

The next day I made a resolution to serve them food only if they ask for it and guess what, they didn't. No dinner the previous day, one cup of milk in the morning and no food after that. What do these kids live on anyway? Finally I gave up and served dinner at 5.30PM.

Quiet frankly I don't know what to do, how to interpret this, how to react, what was my thought process when I didn't offer them food.

R's Mom said...

oh they are so sweet...its great to have two girls and look at the photos..both look so cute together :)

mnamma said...

The boy-cut suits Ashu very well and Antu looks yummilicious with her mottai thalai :) Very cute - both!

Mama - Mia said...

awww! the girls are adorable!!

and you are always a lifesaver Boo! thanks to you i will give up on Cubby's poor eating habits even sooner and save myself the heartache! the child just refuses to eat anything most often! milks is usually acceptable, but then there are days there are crying sessions for that too! gah!

and we wanna start the night training too. negotiations on for who needs to wake up! :p



Raj said...

Hi Boo,
Came across your blog by chance. I like your style of plain,frank,matter-of-fact writing.. Keep up the good work...
As others mentioned your kids look sweet. I could guess for ashu(like aishwarya or somethin..) what does antu stands for ? (if it is disclosable(!))

Manchus said...

Maybe Antu is Anthara :)
Just kidding.

Lovely pics of both. Teething is something I always waited for with my kids and they started off early too, maybe I am just a lazy mommy :) I don't want to feed them baby food forever.

Is it something with the first-borns refusing to eat??? Just wondering!!
R1 is like Antu and R2 will ask more and it is such a sense of pleasure when the kid finishes eating what you give and grabs more.

Also I love to see the toddler tummy, especially R2 will rub his tummy after dinner :)

BTW my theory is first-borns thrive on inhaling air!! That is it.

Shobana said...

Cute kids! And loved that term, Mr.Sperm Donor! I am not even going to try to train Naren at nights for another 6months or so...too traumatic for me.

Anonymous said...

what a saadhu look on Ashu and an exuberant look on Antu - takes after the appa and amma?! And what up with wolf bhayam - did she see barnyard movie?
Raj! - you can read boo's previous posts - if i remember right it has Ashu's name is in it. I dont think Antu's full name is in this blog - or did i miss. I am thinking it is Antara too!
Look how much a blog makes one guess about the look, name and personality of the blogger.

Poppins said...

1. Second kids were born only to prove us wrong.
2. If you struggle with food for first one, you won't struggle with second. (Cas in point Antu)
3. If you struggle with sleep for the first one (and are still struggling!), you won't struggle with the second (Case in point Sweetpea)
4. Second kids can play by themselves faster and better than first borns

Am surprised by the exclusion though, thought it happened later? I better watch out, very soon it will happen here too.

Sweetpea is also finally teething (yay!) but she stopped baby food at 7 months - has been eating our spicy adult food for ever now :)

Poppins said...

Forgot to mention that you have two very cute little dolls love all the pics esp the last one!

Sue said...

I like how Antu's got you so resigned to your fate. That's the power of us second kids, mind it!

B o o said...

Tharini - I can picture the smile! :)

Dips - Thanks.

YY - Thanks!

Praveen - If Amma is still breastfeeding the other baby, then YES. Even otherwise, YES.

CA - Thats an idea. Will remove the door! ;)

Sands - I think between two kids, we would face every other problem one at a time!

Me - Ya ya, she has the fake Chandler smile! :) And yes, what Antus wearing is Ashus old clothes!

Ro - Heres to a little, bald girl of your own! :D

Art - Like Sands said, you win some, you lose some I guess!

Utbt - More like giving up on food for life here! :(

Rs Mom - Its great, yes. Sometimes. ;)

B o o said...

Mnamma - Her face can be clearly soon now without all that curls, no?

Abha - Its not so easy when it comes to eating. I think its in built in a moms system to make her child eat or die trying!!

Raj - Welcome and thanks.

Manchus - Ya ya. Anthara indeed! Like you dont know! ;)

Shobana - Some kids train themselves fast. I was a bed wetter until I was 6 or 7, I think. So no hope for Ashu! :(

Vee - Like the big bad wolf in red riding hood and peter and the wolf. And no its not antara. ;)

Poppy - Reg 4, I think its our own doing. Spoilt our first borns devoting too much time with them I guess. With the second, we ve no time even if we wanted to and the kids get used to it.

Sue - yeah, yeah! I ll gloat when you ve the second one. Us second ones have it worse with our second ones! :D

Anonymous said...

Both girls are very cute boo. I have 5 years old and 1 year old too. the first one is like Ashu and the 2nd one is like Antu.

I think girls name are Arushi and Avanti.


Hurricane C said...

The sisters look so cute in white and blue. Classic!
And how does one make the appa get up in the middle of the night? Enlighten please...

DDmom said...

A & A are adorable. Ashu looks like your mom in the first picture, no? Antu is so a mini-boo.
On the sister thingee, its funny when D tried this once some time back. She shooed away Dlittle out of the room and all her friends left her alone in the room and ran behind Dlittle.. That's when the queen came back and politely asked Dlittle if she wanted to join in.

Neera said...

:) I think this is the third time u have written in ur blog (in posts over time) that u have given up on Ashu wrt eating habits ;) We never really can, hanh?!

Loved the update and the pictures - lots of love to the girls.

Sheela said...

Nodding vigorously for : "After 2 months in India cosleeping with Antu, Im now trying to sleep train her again." and laughing convulsively at:
'I ll update in a couple of weeks if Im still alive."

and, again, laughing convulsively and nodding vigorously at the same time for :

"But I think its not fair for a 4 year old. He thinks its not fair that he has to get up in the middle of the night. Well, thats life Mr. Sperm Donor!"

Gosh! Nice to know B o o faces the the same old challenges as moi :)

Sumana said...

Boo loved your writing yet again. No wonder the second ones parent us that is all i have to say. You parent the first and obey the second. Here too we have a little one who rules. Kiddos are damn cute. LOL at the pullups scenario. You know what a pleasure it is to sleep whole night when the first one is born. After the second you just can't figure how people can sleep for 8 hours straight.

Saya said...

Your posts are positively hilarious..

Anonymous said...


I am a regular reader of your blod.
love your humour.the girls look so cute.

thanks for the smiles..


Anonymous said...

hi what are your baby names?

Sachita said...

ah.. final a antu is laughing it out:)

baby growth