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September 09, 2009

I only get jealous when I see such talents.

Ever since I heard this little boy sing this song,

Im hooked to this original song.

Why do I always, always discover songs late?

Needless to say, the song(both the versions) has been in non stop loop at Boo's! :)

ha! see the time stamp of this post? Cheap thrill. ;)


Me said...

you should have waited for another 9 min and 9 sec..

Praveen said...

ithu ulaga late-u :)
Now don't tell me you have'nt heard Dan Tan Dan from Kaminey! :D

Medha said...

Boo, this boy is the show stopper. I watch this show only to listen to this child sing. You must try to catch the show if you can!

Praveen said...

I happened to watch another amazing talented little boy on idea star singer (Aiasnet)a few days ago. Unfortunately, couldn't find the youtube video and post here to make you further jealous :D

Aside, they make smart kids these days!

Anonymous said...

Amazing show!! Thanks for the link.

check this link. She made me jealous.

I am so much inspired by your writing. keep rocking

Nagesh.MVS said...

"I too get jealous when I see such talents."
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Lakshmi said...

I seem to be spotting songs much later than you. I got to watch the movie and song just the past weekend. My S who is 5 year old keeps replaying it every day. I am so glad to hear this little boy singing, he is so good.

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