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September 04, 2009

Get Well Soon.

First it was my sis breaking her ankle when she visited me here in April. Soon after, my mom broke both her feet.

Then I heard about people with fractures left, right and center when I was in India.

I come back and catch up with all the blogs and what do you know?

Sundar has an nightmarish accident and fractured his arm apart from other injuries.

Dipali fell down and broke her arm.

Tharini slipped and fell and fractured her feet.

Sur had a fall but thankfully she did nt break anything. (although reading about your fall gave me shudders thinking about my own a couple of years back)

This is to say, Get well soon and heal fast, people. And those who know me, just be damn careful and watch your step!


yaadayaada said...


Tharini said...

LOL. You're a nut! Abt everyone else injuring is news to me. Will go around giving my condolences and a fracture hi-fi to everyone arnd!

Stay safe all. Walk slowly. Don't rush. Better to be late than laying down! Ok? Ok.

SUR NOTES said...

how sweet of you, listing the injured folk... i opened my inbox to find get well soon comments on the post i did almost two months back and wondered. stats counter led me to you :)

I am well, recovered pretty soon. but my daughter tells people proudly, she can fall from very high but will not break, i had to stop her from adding, try it.

Uma said...

hmmm...count my mom in too... and a few others in my circle... dunno what it is, but surely, 'get well soon' to everyone. Nice of you to do this post.

Unknown said...

thank you


yesterday I casually walk into the living room and the only adults (my current status has been downgraded) say "these kids in vijay TV super singer are so awesome. why dont you take your mind off the pain and sit and listen for some time?"

so I sit down to watch and two mins later this girls is being interviewed and she goes " i have fractured my leg, but still i have practiced well..blah blah" and limps to the mic with a cast !!!


Fracture is next to god!

this is like "thoonilum irupaan thurumbilum iruppan stuff"

just walked back to bed..and the adults didn't blame me, for once


DDmom said...

Tell me about it. Somethings in the air. Add my dad and another friend to the long list.
Wishing everyone a super speedy recovery.

dipali said...

Thanks, Boo. I'm managing okay with some help- I am 'cooking' the veggies the maid chops, and we happily eat the rotis she's now making. So I'm doing less work than ever, but feel tired because I can't sleep too soundly. This too shall pass.
Get well soon and take care, all fellow fracture-ees.
And pop calcium too, everyone)

noon said...

What is going on Boo?! I just read this post (and the other post too) and was shocked to see so many fractures going on! So strange! Now I am getting nervous to walk fast even! If I had a fracture, surely it would be pure hell here, cannot even imagine! I felt so bad reading about all these fractures that people are suffering through! Thanks for the compilation though!
And the kids post was fun to read. Girl thing etc - good fun reading about them!

Poonam said...

Now that's a round up I wish doesn't happen frequently!

Get well soon everyone!

Nagesh.MVS said...

Get well Soon

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