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September 22, 2009

Bringing up Vasu.

Dear Parul,

During my recent India trip, we were in Landmark. Sis, Bil, Hd and I. As usual, I was in the children's books section and wondering if it ll be easier to just shift to the book store rather than lunging the books back to Zurich. In the two minutes I had to browse through the adult section, I picked up Bringing Up Vasu. Even though I had planned to buy the book and had seen how the cover looks like in your blog, it was a total shock to see the book in the shelf. I mean, books. There were more than one copy. Dozens, actually! If I was thrilled so much seeing that, I could totally imagine how you would ve felt. I picked up the book and grinned from ear to ear and showed the book to the trio. "Oooh! Nice cover", said Sis. "So this is the book you went on and on and pretended you were nt jealous about, huh?", asked Hd. (Liar!) The clueless Bil gave a blank stare and I readily explained to him. "My best friend wrote this book. I have nt met her, of course. Shes a blog friend but nevertheless this is the first book that someone I know has written. Cool, no?" (shhh Parul. Bil does nt read blogs. We are best friends, ok? ok.)

And yesterday, I finished the book. I could nt go and read your blog posts or leave comments while I was reading your book. The one time I tried, I wanted to leave a comment asking if Vasu got into Teddy Footprints or not! And did you actually meet a film star couple in Goa? The exact blog posts came to my mind when I read the similar chapters. Guess, Im your true blue blog stalker, after all! And it did nt help that I was on a train when I read Chapter 19. Baby Boo in Public? I was laughing out loud thanking my stars that I did nt name my blog - Baby Boos talk!

What Im trying to say is, I cant review the book objectively. I could nt even read it without picturing you as Mira. But that only makes me go in awe of you to have written a novel. The way you ve interwoven fictional stuff with your actual life and come up with this great read is amazing. I think with unknown authors, we dont know how much of the book is their personal experience and how much is purely fictional. So we can choose to empathize or not and judge the book without any qualms. Not that I know whats what with everything about your book, but I have developed a general idea. Its a book written by a friend (best friend if by a remote chance my Bil is reading!) and Im not able look past it. Now you ve gained a fan as well, Parul. A loyal one, at that! Thanks for the wonderful read. Wishing you all things wonderfull!

Baby Boo :))


WA said...

Link to writer's blog please

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So Boo actually stands for Subha...hmm..

Keep up the good work


B o o said...

Will update the post with Paruls link, WA.
Thanks, anon.
yup, Raj.

dipali said...

Loved your review, Boo, almost as much as the book!

Anonymous said...

I had been a long time silent reader, loved all your blogs on kids.

But what made me read more, was your elder sister relationship. I shared your blog esp with my elder sis to tell her how u were able to put my thoughts in words- an elder one excelling in everything. There are many many sis blogs of yours I could relate to.

I am dropping this comment because just now realized from the comment that our name also matches !!


mummyjaan said...

I need to pick a copy of Parul's book for myself one of these days. Hopefully soon.

Subha said...

Hi Boo,

I love your posts and now I like that our names match too. Why am I proud now? ;) ;)

Another Subha

Swati said...

Ohh I bought the book to from landmark last week and my reaction was same to see soooo many of them :) Yet to read it though :)

Anonymous said...

Been a lurker here for a long time.
Is this book available only in India ?

and hey, btw, Businessweek says Zurich is the second best place to live in 2009. my first thought was 'wait a minute. boo lives there' and I haven't even seen you.

Truly phenomenal, your blog presence :)

happy blogging !

Nagesh.MVS said...

I read that book.Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

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