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May 18, 2009

Paadhi kaadhal paadhi mutham...

Hd is away again. For 4 days. Today is Day 2. Though he has been away at least one night every week for the past one month, you did nt hear me whine because I have grown up now. About time, huh? OK, who am I kidding! More like Antu has grown up and if I let her, she ll take care of even Ashu. Loads of people go, "you are managing two kids on your own? I can never do that. Hats off to you" and probably muttering to themselves, "Should make husbands favorite food for dinner tonight." Whats the big deal, I ask? Antu is in the glorious phase where she can play with a cup and a spoon for hours. Ashu goes to school for 3 1/2 hours. Add 1 to 2 hours in the park. Both sleep for 10 hours. Antu takes two naps in the day. An hour of TV, some time in craft and puzzles and books for Ashu. Antus a good eater and Ashu starves herself by her own choice and I ve stopped caring. Whenever Hd is nt home, I hardly switch on the stove. Easy Peasy Japanesey! The fact that I miss the man like crazy is altogether another issue. Especially in the dead of the night when I have to take Ashu to the loo. :D

Oh, I found a song this time too. (read this post and this one for a little history) Though it is nt as mind blowing as the previous ones, its good. And its on non stop loop and thats what matters. Miss you, dear!

The song is Paadhi Kaadhal from the movie Modhi Vilayaadu. (Music by Hariharan and Leslie. Sung by Bombay Jayashree and Sunitha Sarathy, what a voice combo!)

Thanks Deej for the mujik. :)


Revs said...

Vandhutaa(ng)ayaaa vandhuta(ng)aya!! :D

Praveen said...

beautiful number.
the songs are fresh. glad to see colonial cousins in mainstream tamil cinema.

Sue Gir said...

yeah. Bringing up a kid is not that difficult. That's what I learnt after having my own. And you give me more confidence about no. 2 :-)
Now that your husband isn't around, you can try all the food he normally resists can't you?

B o o said...

Revs - I was imagining the exact comment from you and you did nt disappoint!! :D

Praveen - All the songs are pretty neat, no? Its nice to hear a whole album instead of one song from each.

Sue Gir - muahahaha! I ve married the irresistable man!! :D He ll eat anything. And cooking for just me is so boring!
Btw, hats off to you for saying that. I dont think I can do it on my own in a daily basis. One sick kid and I fall apart! :(

Deepa said...

hi there,

have been reading your blog for quite some time now though haven't commented.....but this song link you have given here is amaaaaazzziiinnggg, loved both their voices in the song, didnt listen to the other songs from the film though....but this one is a stealer!!

nice blog boo, your daughters are sooooo adorable......muuuaaah to both of them!!


Revs said...

Gosh! Am I becoming that predictable?!!!!!! *gasp* ;)

yaadayaada said...

Reminds me of Indian rain or Feel alright from the colonial cousins album.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

When my husbd. was away, I used to listen to "Azhage sugama.." from parthale paravasam, though the context in the movie was absolutely different.

Praveen said...

right :)
did u listen to Achamundu Achamundu by Karthik Raja?

the mad momma said...

actually its not the managing of the kids that messes with my head. its just the lack of the OA. I posted abt it once. I HATE the house when he's travelling :(

Anonymous said...

Delurking after a while, couldn't resist though. The songs you mentioned are exactly the ones I listen to when the husband is not home. Absolutely love all the songs you listed. On the same note, Have you heard AYAN songs. Absolutely beautiful. Some of them you can add to the "Avar Angae, Naan Ingae" Playlist :)Loved this one especially

DesiGirl said...


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