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May 11, 2009

Bake a Birthday Cake - Check.

As if the class party and the play park party was nt enough, Ashu had another birthday party yesterday. We had invited some of our close friends and their kids. I decided enough is enough and baked a cake myself. And wonder of wonder, it turned out awesome and you guys were spared an alu paratha post!!

Since yesterday was Mothers day, I decided to write "Moms Rule" on the cake instead of a boring "Happy Birthday". Now that Ashu can read bits and pieces, I thought I ll pull a fast one on her when I still can. But Ms.Smarty pants would have none of it. "Wheres the H in Happy, Amma", "Wheres A for Ashu?", she asked. So I had to come clean and asked her to share since its Mothers day too!!

On Saturday night, I was making chocolate muffins. Had the crazy idea to make mini muffins and bought those mini muffin paper cups. I could put only half a teaspoon of batter in each cup and I ended up making batch after batch for hours!!! I went though the 100 cups in the pack and I had still some batter left which I threw out before I could change my mind! Phew!

For the record, I made Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting, mini(!) chocolate muffins, Spaghetti with Pesto sauce, mac and cheese and salad. Served store bought mini pizzas, chips, dips, ice creams, ... Got small toys and candies as return gifts for the kids and some pretty candle holders for the moms to mark Mothers day. Went with everyone to the play area downstairs and the kids had a blast. I had also bought a bead kit to make some Key chains with the kids in case if it rained. But thankfully, it did nt. So all in all, the party was a hit! *takes a bow*

Now that I have baked a birthday cake for my child, Im sure Im eligible for Mommys Heaven. Next in list - Make a costume. (yeah right! Which direction did you say Hell was? ;)


Anonymous said...

Clap Clap.
Sounds like an awesome party and looks like everyone had fun.

Revs said...

Woah! You star-Mommy! :) Can we(I?) have a larger version of that Antu sitting on Ashu's lap pic please?

Tharini said...

LOL! What a party. Now you have insppired me to try out a birthday cake myself!

I am in that exact same situation as mommy heaven vs hell, what with the costume I have to design from scratch for Winkie's alphabet day parade!

Mama-Mia said...

that means i have NO hope eva of going to mommy heaven! bah!

the party sounds awesome!! hats off indeed!



Artnavy said...

Kudos!! Wow- good job

the bead key chain sounds like fun- tell me more

Noodlehead said...

ohh, nice party...wish i were there! cake looks great.

clap, clap boo!

sole said...

Making a cake for the first time and it turned out this well? I am tempted to start baking cakes too ...

p.s: do you check your email ? I sent something over a month ago, not sure if you picked it up!

Sue Gir said...

That's an awesome cake. Looks pretty and ofcourse, 'Mother's Day'ish.
Somehow, I did not get the guts to write "Moms Rule" in my son's first birthday cake. Not that he can read it anyway!!!

Smita said...

Just happened to land on your blog today and I love the way you write :) Your girls are so adorable!!

richajn said...

*deafening applaus**
Its been a really long day. I just managed to put the baby to bed. And now I'm sitting trying to unwind and dreaming of a huge chocolate cake.. and lo and behold I land on your blog with cakes and muffins and goodies galore.. yumm... I want to be a kiddiee again..

B o o said...

Thanks people. Whats point of baking a cake if not for blogging about it? :) your comments made my day!

Sheela said...

Awesome! Good job Ashu for checking up on what your mummy writes on the cake - it better be ONLY about you! She has had all these years to be pampered by her mom, your turn now :)

This is such a secret pleasure for me to catch up on you guys! Ashu looks gorgeous!

Cheers and God Bless!

Unknown said...

Lovely cake and lovelier caption :)

bird's eye view said...

Hee hee, I'm picking up menu ideas from here for puddi's bday on planning to bake the cake too, lessee how that goes, am so baad at decorating them!

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