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October 06, 2008

Just Tired.

No time to blog since my mom left. Not that I could nt squeeze some time to type but I just could nt gather my thoughts. Felt like my brain was cluttered.

So my dad arrived a week before my mom left. And hes leaving back to India in 10 days. When he came home from the airport, Ashu was thrilled. She held his hand and took him to our bedroom and showed him a sleeping Antu all excitedly. My dad told us later that he thought that Ashu was going to show him a toy or something and he had totally FORGOTTEN that Antu existed. He did nt ask about Antu to Hd from the airport till home. Since my sis was here that time, we all reminded Dad to be nice to Antu as well and not to spend every minute with just Ashu, the love of his life! And what has happened now? Hes spending every minute with ANTU!! She quietens down immediately if my dad picks her up, goes to sleep faster if he rocks her, saves her best smiles and giggles for him, ... and hes in love. Again.

Is nt it ironic that the man I feared when I was a child is now telling my child, "I cant give you candy. Your mom will scold me"! Revenge is oh so sweet! ;)

Ashus school is going well. We just drop her off at the gate from our car and she goes in with a teacher. So cool. But shes very unpredictable at home. One day, she ll skip to school and another day, she ll refuse to go to school. But thats just a regular kid for you.

Antu is 3 months old and is doing fine. She almost rolled over today. She just has to pull her hand out and she ll be there. My dad, Ashu and I stood around her and cheered, clapped and video taped and made a merry celebration when she was attempting to roll over today. I became misty eyed and all! But then, damn the hormones, Im getting misty eyed even while peeling potatoes. The poor, poor potatoes! *bawl*

The fun things apart, do you know whats the best time of the day for me? When both the kids are sleeping. Its just so exhausting spending every minute with them and for them. Hds job is not so hectic, Ashu goes to school for half a day and shes mostly good when shes home, Antu sleeps and feeds like a dream and to top it all, my dads here to give me a hand whenever I want. And still, its EXHAUSTING. After Ashu goes to school and its just Antu, I think "This is doable. I just have to feed, change and make her sleep. This is nt so bad". And when Antu is asleep or with my dad or Hd and Im reading a book with Ashu, Im like "Its fun to be with Ashu and do things. Why was I feeling so exhausted with just her before Antu?" But put the said infant and the child together and I go mad. To quote one of my favorite bloggers, "Adhi Bayangaramulu"!!


Neera said...

Loved the post ..LOL at I'm getting misty eyed while peeling poatatoes.

But I did get misty eyed reading "I cant give you candy. Your mom will scold me"! I could picture my dad saying that to my kids, what pleasure they bring to grandparents, just thinking abt it makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

You are doing a great job as a mommy of two :) High five!!

Anonymous said...

Antu is so cute.. Want to come back again and cuddle.. Ashu has gone thing.. With paatti gone, she is back to drinking air, huh..

By the way, more than anything else, I am still cracking up at "Adhi Bayangaramulu!"

Anusha said...

i hear you!
and if it makes you feel any better - it could be worse, you know? you could be stuck with characters like a plane who does not sleep like a dream, and a kodi who dreams of making the house a landfill. :)

Artnavy said...

good going

i cant begin to imagine how difficult but satisfying it must be

Anonymous said...

'touche wood' antu sleeps like a dream.. i havent had a dream for almost 1.5 years just coz my daughter woke up many times in day & night time & I couldnt sleep a bit.

Noodlehead said...

oh, poor you! guess what i've finally made it to swz so tell me when you need a babysitter and i'll get my bundle and come over :D

glad to know that you're getting ur groove back!

Dee said...

habba...nice to see you all back :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The sisters look cute or what !!
So your dad is leaving you guys soon as well ... welcome to my boat ... you girls and a husband to handle ... tough tough job !!!!

Praveen said...

I read a lot of blogs but didnt get this "Adhi Bayangaramulu"!!! (unless thats a quote from a mom blogger)

Asha said...

I thought that you must be all busy and exhausted. That's why I was not even wondering about the lack of posts!

You are doing a good job, mommy and I am sure it will be worth it :)

Sachita said...

The "adhi Bayangaramulu" is from hawkeyeview i think!

Please give me marks.

UndeniablyBlah said...

"The poor, poor potatoes! *bawl"

Anonymous said...

My favourite time is either when all 4 kids are asleep at 9.30 at night or when the boys are napping in the afternoon and the girls are stillat school.

FWIW, i think the transition from 1 kid to 2 is the most difficult. Its took me at least 6 months to get routine down and deal with putting on shoes onto a toddler and a bf a baby..cutting up pieces of food for the toddler and shoving your breasts into baby's mouth..*shudders*

Poppins said...

*Same pinch* Enough said :)

Hey that pic of the two of them? Gobbleworthy!

Subhashree said...

Loved the post... beautiful pics. Does Antu look like you?

The girls look good together, na? I alwyas turn mushy when I see the brat and baby playing or fooling around.

B o o said...

Neera - High five, indeed! We all should be sainted!

YY - Idukkan varungaal...

Kodis mom - We are getting there, Ks Mom. We are getting there! :(

Art - For now, its just difficult. Satisfying will come when they both go to college I think:)

Tulips - Touch wood indeed. If I did nt get my beauty sleep either, I would ve gone nuts!

NH - Mailed ya. Call me.

Dee - Nice to be missed! :)

CA - Check if Im alive this time next week! :(

B o o said...

Praveen - Check Sachitas comment! :)

Asha - Never too exhausted for blogging and blog hopping! :)

Sachita - 10 on 10. Happy?

Confounded - Dont laugh at the poor potatoes! *bawl*

Asaan - Right now telling a story to ashu while feeding Antu is by itself tiring. Cant imagine doing other things. Hats off to you, Sraikh.

Poppins - Imagining you all in the same boat is what keeps me going, Poppy!

Subhashree - Mixed opinions. I think both the girls look more like their dad than me.

Mama - Mia said...


they both sound so happy and content! :)

and grandpa the most, i think! my mom keeps telling us to take videoa of Cubby and keep uploading them. thats the time i wish we were staying somewhere closer home!

loved Antu and Ashu pic!



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