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January 13, 2008

Thoughts of the day.

1. All these end of the year best movies list and best songs list made me realize that I have nt watched any of the good movies except for one or two. So my resolution for this year is to see as many movies as possible. Luckily, I'm happy with my book list. "Kite Runner" was the last book I read in 2007 and what a book it was! And I started this year with "A thousand splendid suns". I am half way through. Has anyone done a "compare and contrast" post on these 2 books?

2. Did anyone notice that Anandha Vikatan, the online Tamil magazine, has become like Rediff after it opened comments for readers? I don't think it will be long before I stop reading the sleaze its becoming. Perhaps Im just getting old.

3. Talking about Tamil magazines, off late I hear lot of references to "chicken leg piece", "chill chicken", etc... while taking about WOMEN. I am sort of used to them being compared to "laddoo", "halwa", etc... but this is new to me. Do non vegetarians really compare beautiful women to leg piece of a chilli chicken? Are women OK with that? I just want to be informed that's all. No other intention. In case Ashu becomes a non veggie, I want to make sure I don't miss out on comparing her to Chicken 65. What an uncool mom would that make me! *shudders*

4. Is it true that everyone without any exception will do perverse things if they can get away with it? *like the Molestation in Mumbai on New Years Eve*

5. Is it me or has just about everyone of my favorite bloggers have either stopped blogging or hardly update their blogs?(Yes, you, you and you!) I did nt know I had such power to stop people from blogging just by reading them. Wish it worked on some blogs I hate to read too!

6. And lastly, will accepting that I am using my motherhood as a reason to mask my laziness and to get a real job out there end all the bitterness and hatred towards Blogging Moms or at least towards one mom? While I am at it, let me also accept that I am a fit for nothing else Stay at home mom thereby spoiling my child with all the unnecessary attention. I am guilty as charged for publishing my child's photos and inviting trouble. I am everything that you accuse me of. My only question is - so?

One of those midnight pondering where answers don't matter.


Mona said...

on your first point, i don't think so. i loved a thousand spelndid suns though, i only read it yesterday, in one sitting. and i'm going to need some time to think about it, to reflect. maybe we talk when you're done with it?

Unknown said...

nice questions!

happy movie watching

happy pongal!


Anonymous said...


Same here, finished kite runner couple of weeks ago and started a thousand splendid suns last night.

Happy Pongal

Daisy said...

I read both books. I feel "thousdand splendid suns" is wayyyyyyyy better than the "kite runner"- but that might be because the protogonists are female in the former and maybe I identify better with them.. I did do a review on the thousand splended suns :). I even watched the movie kite runner..definitely did not do justice to the the book :).. let me know what you feel after you read both of them..

Its our space said...

Boo, kite runner is good,huh ?Got very rave reviews here and so did the movie. But Ananda vikatan - i so agree with what you say.Sleaze is nothing compared to the sheer lack of conscience and social responsibility that has come to represent the magazine.I read some blurb about the Movie Hey ram where Kamal proudly cackled that he used 'vikatan thatha's kudumi'. Guess he did use or return it.;)It has lost all respectability.I'm not spending $15 to read such drivel anymore.

But chicken leg..that is hilarious,which ones use that :)? I'm really amused.

Lavs said...

Hi boo,

I have been a lurker at your site for quite some time now.
I dropped you an email. It might have gone into spam. Just wanted to drop a word here about my email. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

noon said...

Hi Boo - we watched a movie after nearly two years...and I am now in a mood to watch more...making time and planning for it is the hard part...that is if I don't want to watch it by myself. So Friday eve after kids sleep..and we can wake up late...I have "Kite Runner" waiting here to be picked up and read. Your post inspires me to do so!
And last point is funny. Yeah really "So?" is the question to those who joblessly make stupid comments about mommy bloggers. Feel like telling them to go get a life!

the mad momma said...

hey boo - i am still blogging. now make me feel better by assuring me that i am one of your favourites. go on. i insist.

and yeah - SO???????????

ashok said...

hmmm..really good questions :)

happy pongal boo..

B o o said...

Mona - I finished thousand spelendid suns last night. Loved it but not as much as Kite runner. Like you, I need some to reflect as well. Would love to discuss.

Sundar - Hope the movie watching happens. Happy Pongal to you too.

WA - Happy Pongal. I thought I was the one who was reading Kite runner quite late. Good to have company!

Daisy - Did you read 1000 SS first? Because I thought it would have left an impression on me if I had read it before Kite runner. I loved Kite runner more though.

Mias mom - "chicken leg piece" seems to be the favorite phrase for vikatan movie reviewers to describe the heroines. How did you miss that? ;)

Lavs - Saw your mail and replied. Thanks for the same.

Noon - But thats the thing dear. They think we are jobless, stupid and dont have a life. Hence my Q. So?

MM - Your stats should tell you I practically live in your blog without rent! ;) You did give us all quite a scare with all the moving and the breaks. I ll be knocking at your door the day I dont see frequent posts from you. Happy?

Ashok - Would be nice to get good answers too! ;) Happy Pongal to you too!

Daisy said...

yes- I did read 1000SS first :)!well, nevertheless they are both great books.

Anonymous said...

Just finished a thousan splendid suns, and I think I like this one more than the kite runner.

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