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January 09, 2008

Ashu & Appa.

The other day, we were in the car and Hd was fiddling with the GPS. "What are you doing Appa", asked Ashu from the back seat. "I am entering the address of the restaurant we are going to, Ashu. This is called GPS. It will tell me how to go to the restaurant. And then Appa will follow the route. ok?", said Hd. "Its a Map Appa!" Pat came the reply from Ashu. While I was rolling on the floor laughing with tears streaming from my eyes, anyone within a mile could have noticed Hds face going red. The tone in which Ashu said it was hilarious. It was exactly the tone I would have used to say "Why waste so many words? Just say its a Map, Moron!"


(Another day. another time.)

Ashu: Are you going to office appa?


Ashu: Why do you have to office?

Because I have to work.

Ashu: But why do you have to go to office?

I have to go to office to work. Only if I work, I can get money and can buy food and toys for you.

Ashu: Whatever Appa!

(walks away shaking her head...)


(Last week when Ashu was sick.)

Hd: So whom do you like more Ashu? Amma or Appa.

Ashu: Appa.

Don't you like Amma?

I like Amma too.

So whom do you like more? Amma or Appa?

I like both.

But whom do you like more?

I like both.

Amma or Appa?

Enakku odambu sariyaa illai. Naan thoongaren. (I am sick. I want to sleep)


Yesterday, Hd could nt find his mobile phone and was looking for it everywhere. We could nt even hear it ring while we called it from my mobile phone. I asked Ashu if she kept it anywhere. She opened the broom closet and inside the box of dish washing tablets, we found the phone. I thanked Ashu but Hd got mad at her. He started to give her a time out and sternly told her never to touch his phone again and not to do such a thing anymore. Personally, I thought he was over reacting and began to pacify Ashu as she had begun to cry. After a few minutes, when both of them had calmed down, Hd told Ashu "You should nt hide my phone like this Ashu" and with a furious tone Ashu replied "I did nt hide it Appa. I did nt HIDE it. I only kept it there". (Naan anga Olichu vaikalai appa, OLICHU vaikalai. Anga vachen.) I was stunned by the technicality because this is exactly how I used to argue and fight with my dad. When I was THIRTEEN!!!!!!!



ashok said...

happy new year booo...

Cee Kay said...

Priceless anecdotes!!

Happy new year!

Pea said...

Its nice to see another blogger from Zurich .
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


"Naan anga Olichu vaikalai appa, OLICHU vaikalai. Anga vachen."

Idhukku peruthan "Than vinnai thanni sudum" :D


Unknown said...

wait till she teaches you how to edit things on your blog when she turns 5!


Asha said...


Timepass said...

Haha, Ashu is a smart girl..(in not saying whom she likes the most ..appa or amma..)

Its our space said...

"Ozhichu vekkalai" is priceless.You can't argue at the face of such logic ,can you ? :D

noon said...

History repeats itself doesn't it?! I can see myself in KB so often. Scares me though! :)
But all the anecdotes were so enjoyable to read...very sweet...loved the first photo...

Inba's Corner said...

hey boo! that map part must be dora-imparted education :D

anantha said...

Ashu is a hoot! :D

Hey, your feed's disappeared. I cant see your posts on my feed reader anymore! What did you do? :P

SwB said...

Is it very cold now in Zuerich? Sure it must be. Hope you have a wonderful new year Boo! I may drop by there again ... will let you know. Nope, you don't have to invite me home for dinner :)


~nm said...

She is not even 3 and she knows what a map is!!?? Amazing child she is!

B o o said...

Ashok - Thanks and same to you.

CK - Wanted to record some "daddy moments" too! ;) Happy new year to you!

Purnima - Welcome and same to you.

Srivathsan - I dont get it. You mean the trouble I gave for my parents coming back to bite me? Thats of course is a given! ;)

Sundar - Andha naal vegu dhoorathil illai!! ;)

Asha - Indeed!

Timepass - Yes shes very diplomatic. When she was just about 2, she used to say "Amma" and say sorry and hug appa or say Appa and come and hug me. Very tricky, this one!

B o o said...

Mias Mom - True and we were too schocked to argue anway! :)

Noon - Yes, History does repeat itself and bites where it hurts! ;)

Inba - Its most definitely dora imparted knowledge. I would have been surprised only if she did nt get it right!

Anantha - Like her mom, huh? ;) I think I accidentally turned off feeds while fiddling with the settings. Hope it gets updated now. Let me know.

SwB - Its been less cold after the New year. Dont know if it ll last though. Hope you have a fantastic New year too. And you are most definitely invited. Or we can go to Pizza Blitz, what say?! ;)

NM - Ok, I ll take that as a compliment as if I taught her that! Dora would nt refute! ;)

Sunita said...

he he he :) priceless!!

Subhashree said...

Choo chweet. Enakku Odambu sariyaa illa is the ultimate one.

Maggie said...

They are so amazing, aren't they? Ashu's one smart cookie.

Much belated, but happy new year to you all. For some reason, all your posts over the last 2 weeks have only shown up in my reader today. I had thought you weren't posting because you were off on holiday.

Preethi said...

First time here.. this post was priceless!! :) Loved "Naan anga Olichu vaikalai appa, OLICHU vaikalai. Anga vachen."
.. what logic!!!

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