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December 31, 2007

Happy 2008.

We had a great time during the Christmas break. Ashu had great fun with the two boys. She is one hell of a tom boy, I tell ya. Hanging upside down from the bunk bed like a monkey, playing with one of the boys red car non stop and racing it forgetting her doll, hitting the boys right back and pushing them, ... The girl can sure take care of herself. As predicted, Ashu was nt too comfortable in the snow. Just like her lazy mom, she wanted to sit in the warm house and look at the snow outside through a window! :) Had quite an adventure too. We rented the wooden sledges and sledged a 2 1/2 km slope. It was dangerous, lots of curves and one wrong move and you will fall right out of the edge. But the real adventure was that I did nt make it. Hd did a trial run and came back 45 mins later telling me and our friends that it was great. He discouraged me from trying but me being me decided to just do it.

Ashu and Hd were on a double sledge and I was on a single sledge. 3 of our friends joined and we started sliding down the slope. 10 minutes down, Hd and I stopped so that our friends can join us. Ashu was fussing about something and Hd took her out of the sledge and was talking to her when his sledge just whirred off and fell off the cliff! I ran to catch it but could nt. Just 2 seconds, but there was no sign of the sledge at all! I was in shock! Since all the other friends were in single sledges or with kids, we could nt double up. So Hd had this brilliant idea. He suggested I walk back up while he and Ashu sledge down. Since I did nt know the slope, I did nt want to risk it, with Ashu that too. But I suggested walking down than walking up. But Hd said its a long walk but the walk up is comparatively shorter in spite of my protests that I just CANT walk uphill. But being me again, decided to trust his judgement. Felt like final good bye when I waved to Ashu and started walking up. Since it was around 4 pm and dusk was setting, there was no one coming down anymore. The ski slope which was parallel to the sledge slope was also deserted. 2 minutes of walking uphill in knee deep snow in the bitter cold and I already had a dozen ideas to murder Hd in all the most painful ways possible! What kind of an idiot does nt hold onto his sledge, what if Ashu had been sitting on it, what kind of stupid parents are we to take such risks, what kind of a husband lets his wife walk uphill while he sits on his bum and slides down, why, why, why,... After one hour and fifteen minutes of excruciating effort, I reached the top. Five minutes later, Hd and Ashu get down from the ski lift happily and the guy asks me "Are you ok?" I ll leave the rest to your imagination. But yes, hes still alive!

On that cheerful(!) note, Wishing you all a wonderful New year! Come on 2008 I am ready for the ride, so to speak! ;)


Its our space said...

Wow,some adventure,that!You really are gritty.Trekking on snow and all that ! Glad you all got back safe and sound.

Happy New Year!

Timepass said...

Quite an adventure. Happy new year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of you!

Subhashree said...

Happy new year to you, Hd and Ashu. Save your energy for other light adventures this year :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Hats off to you for the forced trek in the snow !!
Happy New Year !!

Anonymous said...

hey, happy new year to you n Ashu and your HD too! :-)

I don't know if this is good or not, but I always stick to the person who's with the kid - they'll always look for easy ways to do things, ergo you don't have to walk ;-)

Jayashree said...

Wow!!! That's quite an adventurous start to the new year.

Anonymous said...

visiting after long time. all your recent posts are nice. hope you had a nice time sledging (and walking :-))

Happy New Year 2008 - umakrishna

Sunita said...

Hey, wish you & your family a very very Happy New Year.

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