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October 31, 2007

Halloween, Horror and an empty kitchen shelf.

How do kids know what to be afraid of? This evening, I answer the door to see 2 Witches, a Monster, an older girl who's escorting the kids and another 3 year old in plain clothes. (May be her mom thought she is scary enough just being herself! I can use the idea next year and save money on a costume!) Anyway, Ashu gave a wild scream and ran away and hid in the bathroom. My scream died in my throat because, horror of horrors, I had totally forgotten to stock chocolates. So I asked the kids to wait and ran to the kitchen to look for some. Found some Easter Chocolates, a gift from a friend, which was on the top shelf and I had totally forgotten to eat after stashing away to hide them from Hd! After checking the expiry date(which was 11/07, I hope the kids eat the chocolates by midnight today!), gave 2 eggs per kid and still had a big bunny shaped one which the Monster snatched from me. Then he took the mask off and smiled at Ashu who was standing in a corner and peeking. She screamed more and ran back to the bathroom. I shut the door, told Ashu all about Halloween and dressing up and told her not to be scared. Since I have nt seen more than half a dozen kids in this apartment, I thought I was good. But the door bell rang again after 10 minutes and there they were. An angel with her two handsome escorts all around 4 years looking so cute. Ashu liked the trio and asked them to wait while Mommy was back again on the step stool looking for chocolates in the top shelf. God was on my side today as I found 3 more bars of chocolates.(Probably I was stocking for my hibernation!) Another team successfully sent off. Than I called Hd and gave him an earful. Why should I do everything in this house? Why could nt you have reminded me of Halloween and stocked up some chocos? He pleaded guilty so I had to shut up. Hes wisening up, this one! Afraid of more Trick or treating, I collected the lollipops from each one of my handbag, backpack, purse etc... and had a stock of 5 lollipops. (The orange flavored sour lollipops I keep in my bags in case of motion sickness!) A ghost and a pirate came by a little later and went off with the lollipops. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang yet again and gave me jitters. Ashu who had warmed up to ghosts and monsters by now, ran to the door to see her Dad coming in. She has never been so disappointed in her life seeing her dad come back from office. She gave him the remaining three lollipops and asked him "Nee vesham pottukaliyaa?" (You did nt dress up?) Is nt he scary enough, Kid?

Speaking of dressing up, this is Ashu all dolled up for Krishna Jayanthi last month.
Last years Krishna has become Radha this time! :)



Collection Of Stars said...

Ashu makes a real cute Radha :)
We have had kids dressed up for Halloween knocking on the door all evening today and this is Bangalore - can you believe it?
My mom was clueless!

Anusha said...

that does sound like a scary Halloween - scarier for you than for Ashu! but good save, Boo! one year I forgot to stock candy and ended up not opening the door at all! doesn't that prove you are way nicer than me? :)

Anonymous said...

You REALLY need to watermark your pics. God knows where all Ashu's pics will end up without that. This is not to scare you. Your pics are crystal clear. And most hounds look for exactly that. You wouldn't want Ashu's pics to be used without your permission, do you?

Anonymous said...

Last years Krishna is this years Radha? Very cute Ashu.

Collection Of Stars said...

Leaving a comment again after seeing Vidya's comment. How do we watermark our pictures?

Anonymous said...

ending of the post was ultimate- ashu has never been so disappointed to see her appa back from office. HAHA! the radha vesham looks good. anyways, happy halloweens day.

Savani said...

hahaha. that happened to me one year when we ran out of candy. I ended up giving away my prized belgian chocolates.. and the worst? the kids kept asking of I have regular candy :(

ashu looks super cute :)

The Artist said...

Ashu is really cute as radha

upsilamba said...

LOL, Boo. Jee.

Didn't dress up my lil one, but I wanted to. Asked Mr.Upsi what costume I should don and he said, 'be the way you are'.
He came with me as the Dead man.

btw, stocking up on sour suckers hints something?

B o o said...

COS - and Im sure no girls came all dressed up for sundal during Navarathri! ah, the irony!

Kodis mom - The year I was in Basel, no kids came. so I thought it was nt big in Swiss. But I should ve known kids better!

Vidya - I hear ya. I was watermarking before but its a pain doing it for every individual pic and then there are always ways around it, so I kinda gave up.

Aryans mom - In case I confused you, I dressed up Ashu as Krishna last year. Click the link to see last years post.

COS - Google "free watermark software". You ll find loads of options, I forgot which one I used before.

B o o said...

Shubha - She was disappointed! ;) But I was glad for some company to answer the door for spooky visitors!

Dot Mom - Thanks. And here I have to give out SWISS chocolates! ;)*wink wink*

Artist - Thanks.

Upsi - I ve been stocking up on "pulippu muttaai" since I was three! So theres your hint! :)

Trishna said...

hahaha..I had so much fun reading this post!
And your Radha is really cute!
And Boo..about what Vidya said- Try using I foudn out that "well-meaning friends" had been copying A's pics and it made me mad! I mean its ok.I mean its ok if i share them,but copying without my permission..No-no. That's when slide came in. :) sorry this is so long!

Anonymous said...

I was caught unawares too by three of them! I had to give them my precious Kaju puris! Also gave them some custard cream biscuits and then hid because I didn't have anymore! Luckily no one else came.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ashu looks spectacular !!

mnamma said...

:) Cute Radha! You should have posted last year's pose as Krishna also. LOL on "nee vesham pottukalaiyaa" and the dissapointment on seeing Dad :)

Sukhaloka said...

she looks so cute as Radha!

That was one scary Hallowe'en, Boo! :D

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