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October 21, 2007

I have found it. I have...

I noticed this tag going around the blogs about "our song" and was wondering what our song was. Sadly we did nt include it in the prenup! ;) I thought back to our Post Engagement days. The movie Kandukonden kandukonden had just released and Hd and I decided to wait until we got married to watch the movie as we wanted that movie to be our first. The wedding date was set, for your information and there was a month or two to go. We both were listening to the songs from this movie all the time. The music was and still is amazing what with A R Rehman composing the music, Rajeev Menon directing and a heavy duty cast with Aishwarya Rai, Tabu, Mammooty, Ajith and Abbas. (Its inspired from Sense and Sensibility) I listened to the title song all the time and was always imagining myself and Hd together. Hds favorite song in this movie was also the same. So its one of our favorite songs still and that song came to me as soon as I read some blogs. Then Sahithi's Mom tagged me and it became official. The customary question of "whats our song, R" was asked today to the better half fully expecting him to blink and stare at me without a clue of what I'm talking about. So imagine my surprise when he takes 2 seconds and asks me "kandukonden,kandukonen?" And I was blown away! I was the one blinking and doing the staring. So even if this was nt our song before, it is now!

Heres the song beautifully rendered by Hariharan and Mahalakshmi Iyer - Kandukonden Kandukonden.

And here are the Lyrics. I have tried a line by line literal translation in English with my funny take (in italics) about it now. How naive I must have been! Ewwwww...

Here I go...

I have found it. I have found the face to fall in love
I have found the Milky Moon (Yeah right!) near my finger tips

I ll be happy if the moonlight falls on the cup, fills it and overflows (Now dont ask me what the cup represents!)
But if it breaks the cup instead, it will break my heart too (Is it an expensive cup, dear?)
Will the one I have set my eyes on ever reach my hands?(His check book perhaps?)

Will she go away and give me tears instead?(But now shes staying and giving him tears instead!)

I have found it. I have...

Bed of roses and begging eyes but my heart is beating fast (Will she fake a headache again?)

With only my soul left, I am all yours (I am tired basically!)

Can I open the door to your solitude? (Little did he know it was the door to the pandoras box)

I have found it. I have...

I see your face in the parting clouds (Clouds? What clouds?)
I hear your voice in the blooming flowers (No wonder you are silent all the time!)

I dream of you with my eyes open (And its Aishwarya Rai when he closes them!)
Loves touch will even upturn a stone (Why dont you try turning a Dosa first?)

Is my journey in search of you? (Apparently NO! Lesson learnt a hard way!)
Will my road lead me to your house? (It did and it was a dead end!)

(Male)O my dream woman, will both of our hearts ever meet? (Dont hold your breath!)

I have found it. I have...

The search of a river is to see the Sea (Oh really? Who told you that? And by the way what happened to that search of yours for the car key this morning?)
The search of my life is to see you (Let me guess! You are still searching, are nt you?)

The river loses itself after reaching the Sea (Here it goes! Its the damn river again!)
But I ll find myself when I reach you (I found out I am an Idiot!)

I will make a garland out of the Stars (Corner shop Flowers will do nicely, thank you very much!)
I might knock on your door any time now (Make sure you give me a call to find out if Im home first)

(Female)O Lord of Love! When I blink, its your eyes which close (Lord of WHAT? And by the way, when I blink it means I dont want to see your face for a while!)

I have found it. I have... (Sigh!)

Now the Tamil lyrics just as it is without me screwing it up!

Kandukonden Kandukonden kaadhal mugam Kandukonden
Viral thodum dhooraththile vennilavu Kandukonden
vennilaa velichcham kinnaththil vizhundhu niraindhaal vazhindhaal magizhchchi
vennilaa velichcham kinnaththai udaiththaal uyirai udaippaal oruththi

(Female)en kann paarththadhu en kai serumo
(Male)kai saeraamalae kanneer serumo

Kandukonden Kandukonden kaadhal mugam Kandukonden ...

(Male)malarmanjam vizhi kenjum manam anjumallavaa
(Female)uyir minjum ival nenjam un thanjamallavaa
(Male)un thanimaik kadhavin thaazh neekkavaa

Kandukonden Kandukonden kaadhal mugam Kandukonden...

(Female)megam thirandhaal adharkul un mugam paarkkiren
pookkal thirandhaal adharkul un kural ketkiren

(Male)kangalaith thirandhun kanavugal valarkkum
kaadhalin viralgal kallaiyum thirakkum

(Female)unnaith thediye ini enadhu payanamo
endhan saalaigal un veettil mudiyumo

(Male)E kanavu mangaiyae unadhu manadhu enadhu manadhil inaiyumo

Kandukonden Kandukonden...

(Male)nadhiyin thedal kadaisiyil kadal kaanbadhu
uyirin thedal kadaisiyil unaikkaanbadhu

(Female)kadal konda nadhiyo mugam thanai izhakkum
naan unnil kalandhaal pudhu mugam kidaikkum

(Male)natchaththirangalai oru naaril kattuven
endha neramum un kadhavu thattuvaen

(Female)E kaadhal dhevane enadhu imaiyil unadhu vizhigaL mooduven

Kandukonden Kandukonden kaadhal mugam Kandukonden...

It sure is romantic in Tamil! ;)


Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Boo ! You have now effectively changed my memory of this song, every time I listen to it, I'm going to think of YOUR version :)

Anonymous said...

wow, what a nice translation and interpretation haahhaha... but the song is really good.

Anonymous said...

Romba Kozhuppu unakku!!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

:) now you make me wanna listen to it...thank god for youtube

Anusha said...

:D your translation with footnotes adds a whole new dimension!
ok so where's the engagement story??

Anonymous said...

It's one of my favourite songs-and I've never understood a word! Thanks for the translation with your special additions!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god too good....this is what happens 7 years after marraige..."kadal" runs out of the window and "kozhuppu" (like yaadayaada) enters the main door...
Delurking again ....Couldn't stop myself


. said...

appappa!!! That was funny

utbtkids said...

Laghing, laughing, still laughing!

utbtkids said...

Kodi's mom, this is a nice way to put the focus lights on some one else! Engagement, shengagement..what ever, i am back to haunting you after I am done with my not-so-romantic romantic moments :)

Collection Of Stars said...

I loved the movie :)
My Tamil is not good enough for me to understand the lyrics though :(

Anusha said...

utbt: focus never shifted - spotlight is still on you :) and am glad you're done with yours. hit publish and wait till I come comment ;)

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

That was a very neat translation for a beautiful song, Boo. Like Poppins said, everytime I hear this, I am going to be reminded of your version.

Sahithi's Mom... said...

Thank You for dong this tag Boo...

I love this song in telugu :):)

mnamma said...

You added the Boo touch to 'Kandu konden Kandu konden'. That was a funny translation :)

noon said...

Yes yes engagement story!
Kandukondein - lovely song - ore too much! Waiting to watch the movie together n all! You guys watched the movie or not? ! :)

B o o said...

Poppins - So sorry if I have ruined this song for you. Many songs have been runied for me like this and I am never able to enjoy them the same! So I totally understand!

Aargee - The song is great really! This post made me listen to the song after a long time!

Yaada - So what else is new? ;)

Orchie - I dont like the picturisation though! Since I had pictured myself and Hd a loads of times before actually watching the song! ;)

Kodis mom - You never give up, do you? Wanted to combine the engagement story but it became a loooong post what with 10 months romance and all! :)) Another post soon!

MG - The pleasure is mine!

AI - Like the tamil saying goes, I would have made this translation just after 30 days of our wedding too! ;))

al-ok - Thanks you.

B o o said...

Utbt - Waiting for your post! BTW, whats your song? Post on that also please! As usual, I forgot to tag.

COS - I liked the movie too. Decent flick. The English translation did nt help you much, did it? ;)

Kodis mom - Leave us alone! This is harrassment. Can someone call the blog patrol please?

Anitha - Oops! Another person I ruined the song for!

Sahithis mom - And thank you for tagging. Made me all nostalgic! ;)

Mnamma - Kandukonden is such a nice word, no? English cant justify this word, can it?

Noon - Of course we watched! :)

utbtkids said...

Boo, we as a couple don't have a song. The songs that come close to 'our' song as in our family songs, something we can sing if we ever get separated in an exhibition or park and then get reunited they are, 'Vaadi vaadi' from Sachin, 'Thee thee' from Shivaji and 'Vasantha mullai' from Pokkiri. But as soon as they hear these songs, they start dancing their butts off, so skeptical if they will come looking for who is singing the song and join their loving parents!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Even though my tamil is not good enough, I still like this song for its tunes ....

DDmom said...

Haven't heard that song, should listen to it sometime..
LOL on the translations!

Anonymous said...

Wow the transilation is the funniest part..good song. I have found it!!!

Squiggles Mom said...

I like your version better :)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

some coincidence. "Kandukonden Kandukonden" was the first movie that we watched as a pair. Though technically speaking, the first movie I watched after marriage was Alaipayudhe but I watched it with my kutti nephew by myself as its tough to lure this guy to watch movies. He came to this movie only because the songs were too good and after his mother asked us why we don't goto beach, park or cinema like normal new weds ;)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious !!
Thank you for the post

Manchus said...

Kandukondein Kandukondein was the only Tamil movie my hubby watched ever. But he likes some of the Tamil songs, but can never watch a movie. I will surely forward this blog to him so that he can understand the song :):)

Our first movie after wedding was "Ajnabee" starring horrible Kareena Kapoor ,Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol. The only good part about the movie was we had the theater to ourselves and food was catered. The theater belonged to my Sis-in-laws parents.

MaangoLyrics said...

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Thiru said...

Thank you for the translation.
"I ll be happy if the moonlight falls on the cup, fills it and overflows (Now dont ask me what the cup represents!)
But if it breaks the cup instead, it will break my heart too (Is it an expensive cup, dear?)"

Has any one any got any idea what cup really means?
I am learning to play keyboard. like this song a lot and play at least few times a week. have not mastered it yet.

Thiru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Take this BS off. Dumf translation

Anonymous said...

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