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October 08, 2007

Jungle book.

Last week my cousin and her husband had come to Zurich from the US and stayed with us for 3 days. Oh, what fun! This is the first time someone younger than me in the family was visiting as I am one of the youngest grandkid myself. And technically, the Maapillai(son-in-law) was coming home so I was all geared up to welcome them and cook my way to glory! I don't know how Ashu spots family but she just stuck to my cousin and the couple were ready to cancel their sight seeing plans and stay at home all day long to be with Ashu. And they did do that on the last day. Dora shoes as a gift did play a small role, to be honest! As if that were nt enough, the evening they were leaving, they bought 2 DVDs - Cinderella and Jungle Book and gave them to Ashu. We all watched Jungle Book together for a while and were having fun. Ashu showed some interest.

The next day after they had left, I played the movie again since I have nt watched it a long, long time and Ashu was absolutely hooked! She has watched movies like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Ice age, etc... before but she has never sat still for the entire movie. She usually loses interest in a few minutes. But this movie is really something. Its a treat to watch her watching Mowgli. She howls with laughter when Baloo Bear says something funny, gets mighty scared when Sher Khan appears for the first time, giggles when Kaa the snake tries to put Mowgli to sleep, ... Oh its just so heartwarming to see this movie with her. It has become a night time ritual now for the past 3 days. She watches it from beginning to end, and tells me whats going to happen in the next scene. Thankfully its only an hour long movie. But what a movie! The bare necessities....


Sunita said...

Oh yes I can relate. when the peapod is drumming her fingures when hearing to a track, I enjoy the track even more just looking at her.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there!

Artnavy said...

i just LOVE this template

am catching up on all ur posts

Savani said...

your comment about how kids spot family-so true. Jungle Book is such an awsome movie! glad ashu likes it :)

utbtkids said...

Got to introduce Jungle book to Chula and Mieja.

B o o said...

Sunita - so true. Its so interesting to see things through their eyes, is in it?

Yaada - You can be her if you wanted to! ;)

Art - This template was supposed to temporary but with all your feedback, Im going to make it permanent I guess! :)

Dot Mom - Welcome! I love your blog and am mightly glad Big Geek is doing ok now.
Kids sure are intuitive and so mysterious and unpredictable at times.

UTBT - You should invite A and S home. They might turn up with the DVD! ;)
Im already imagining Chula and Ashu sitting together and watching this movie. Awwwww....!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Completely relate to it ... its been about 8 months since Cantaloupe fist watched Jungle book and even today, she is as hooked to the movie as if she was seeing it for the first time.

Manchus said...

Haven't had a chance to get the DVD, but R likes the book. And her other favourite is 'Hakuna Matata' from The Lion King. She will stop crying if we play that for her on Youtube. I am trying to get the DVD, but seems like it is a limited edition and Disney will release it in future. Even a search on Ebay was futile as I question the quality!

I know the remastered Jungle Book DVD has been released this month.

Manchus said...

'Bare Necessities' and 'Hakuna Matata' are motto of life!! I wish I can really follow that motto!

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