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May 30, 2007

Dear Appa,

I know you are coming here tomorrow. Though Amma is keeping it as a surprise for me, I know. Just because I don't ask for you or talk to you on the phone does nt mean that I have forgotten you. I miss you loads and as Amma is telling everyone who has ears, I am not very good at long distance relationships. I am just waiting for you to come here so that we can continue from where we left off. I am having lots of fun here with Pema and Pepa and loads of other people. I am too young to realize that this is temporary. I live in the present. Which is good if you ask me. I don't get all sad like Amma or Pema that times flying and there are only 10 more days remaining in this trip.

Amma says that you wont recognize me at all as I have turned from an adorable angel to a total brat. I think I have grown taller too as I can reach those fridge magnets on the top now. I cant wait to show you all the cool stuff I am doing here. So come soon. It would be nice to have one more man listening to my every whim, so looking forward to it.


I wrote you this letter because as you suspect, theres no scheme going on here to brainwash me in forgetting you. Do you think I ll let these people do such a thing to me? They cant even make me eat, for Gods sake!


Sunita said...

"They can't even make me eat" - :)
Nice post

Blogeswari said...

Sweet :)
Ashu, do remind Amma to write more often

F e r r a r i said...

I initially thought you are writing to your dad :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post,Boo after a real long time!sure appa misses his little angel(s);).Have fun and please do keep posting when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. so sweet! I so doubt it that Ashu can be a brat :) She is just adorable.

Have fun!


Gauri said...

I just loved the last line :-)))))

"They can't even make me eat" - way to go Ashu !! :-))

Anonymous said...

And my favorite blogger is back!! :-) Missed you and your 'articles', Ashu. Please tell your mom to let you use the laptop more.

The Visitor said...

Oh, poor appa. I commiserate with him, Ashu.

Just Like That said...

The last line is a killer! Lol.

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