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May 01, 2007

California here we come!

Ashu and I are flying to SFO tomorrow morning. 12 hours of flying and 2 hours stop over at London. With a toddler. So you can imagine my anxiety so I wont go into a long rant. Just wish me luck. The exciting thing of course is I am going to see my sister! Yippee!! (And BIL you too of course!) The last time I visited them was four years back which was also my first trip to the USA. This time its going to be Ashu's first trip to the US, my sis has a new home, Im going to see loads of new babies as lot of our friends have been busy since the last time I met them and I can do loads and loads and loads of shopping for Ashu. Unlike last time when I was shopping for my friends two young boys and wished my friend had at least one girl looking at all the pretty clothes in the Girls section. And now I have one! :) And the books! I can buy English books without going bankrupt. Double yippee! We are going to be there for 5 weeks. Hd will join us in the last week. Poor guy, hes already missing Ashu and is changing her poopy diaper without me asking him to. Must be really miserable! ;)

Over and out folks! See you all from the land of Desis! ;)


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine - when I was driving to work I was thinking about you and Ashu - and I thought maybe Boo will take Ashu to CA to meet her perimma perippa. I come to office and see your blog and what do I see - Both of you are going to SFO! - Do I have ESP?


kuttichuvaru said...

awesome..... hav loads of fun in the land of desis!!

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage Boo! ... I bet you will have loads of fun meeting your family and friends.

Anonymous said...

See you both soon! Have a safe flight!

upsilamba said...

call me when you get here, Boo.
It will be nice to associate a voice to go with the name, if not a face.

Me said...


Manchus said...

Grrrrrrrrrreat!! Hope to see you here. And yes, do make plans for visiting Orange County!!!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Hey Bon Voyage, have a safe trip. And say Hi to bay area from me, I lived there for so many years ..
Have fun !

Archana said...

Ohh, enga ooru pakkam vareenga pola! Bon Voyage! Welcome to the Bay :-D!

Anusha said...

have fun, boo and Ashu and don't worry abt the flite - heck, I survived with naughty K - so you should be ok with sweet Ashu!
stop by enga area too!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time :)

Priya Arun said...

California, here they come! ;-)

You just forgot to mention the chocolates right? you're not actually going to come back from the US of A without chocolates right? right? :-|

Unknown said...

Hey, bon voyage and do keep posting...hugs to Ashu

Shobha said...

Yay :-) Have fun!

Premalatha said...

Have a great time. :-)

B o o said...

Julyvee - Wow! Thats something! Im flattered. Do share if you get any more preminitions! ;)

Kutti - Thanks. I am!

Vidhya - You bet!

S - go away! Dont talk to me!

Upsi - I ll mail ya.

me - :)

Manchus - I hope so too.

B o o said...

Poppins - Will do. Thanks.

Archana - Thanks.

Kodis mom - God knows how you guys do the 30+ hours from US to India! Show me your feet!

Prabhu - I plan to!

Priya - Did you forget that this is Swiss to US and back to Swiss trip? So I had to lunge chocos from Zurich! What else to get for people form Swiss anyway? So plan on a trip girl!

Kiran - Thanks.

SS - Thanks.

Latha - Thanks.

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