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May 08, 2007

Hola this is Dora!

If I ever have another child, it will only be because I would want Ashu to be a sister and if shes half as good as a sister like my sister is, then well the second one will be half lucky as I am right now! OK if that was nt a confusing statement to start a post! I cant begin to explain the fun I am having here with my sister but let me give it a try.

So on Saturday my sister was supposed to throw a surprise baby shower for a friend who's expecting her second baby. My sister and I are those kind whose lives are so inter mingled that all her friends are my friends too and all my friends are... well... lets just say she knows them too!! So I was expecting to see all our friends and their new babies and 2 of my cousins and their families too. My sister was busy making the food and I was wondering why she had nt made it a potluck. Since it was Ashus star birthday, we went to the temple in the morning and then got ready for the party, cooking and cleaning and dressing up. At 4 pm, guests started arriving and everyone gave gifts to Ashu and wished her a happy birthday and I was like "Oh! How sweet of them to bring gifts to Ashu since they are seeing her for the first time!" My sister had decorated the party area with Dora theme and Ashu was going gaga over all the Dora tissue, cup, cap, tattoo, stickers, etc... When my sister suggested I dress up Ashu in a pink party frock, I said no! I think you guys figured out by now where this is going. But I ll continue anyway since I am very gullible and not very smart in the smarts department! Anyhow, my sis brought out the cake after all the guests arrived and what do I see? Theres this beautiful Dora cake with "Happy 2nd Birthday Ashu!" on it. Well, what do you say for that? Have nt I got the best sister or what? Ashu was mighty pleased when everyone sang "Happy birthday to you" and could nt get enough of Dora! I rushed her to the bedroom and changed her into the party frock just before the cake cutting! (Listen to your sister people! Shes always right!) We cut the cake, played, caught up with friends, opened gifts and went crazy with all the books and toys. It was a blast! Thanks sis! You are the best! Ashu would probably be the youngest to get a surprise party like this one. And I certainly would be the oldest to fall for such a silly trick!

Yes, we missed you Hd. Eating two whole pieces of that delicious cake was tough even for me. ;)


Anusha said...

I can't decide who is luckier - you or Ashu - for having such a wonderful lady in both your lives. that was very, very sweet of your sister (S, is it?)! and Boo, don't worry, we'll blame your 'brightness' on jetlag ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky you.. lucky ashu..
Sis / Ashu's perimma - you are the best!

Maggie said...

Oh, wow! That's so sweet of your sis. And how lucky is Ashu - a happy day at the zoo on her birthday AND a birthday party a couple of weeks later!

the mad momma said...

:) oh well.. it doesnt matter how low you are on the smarts when you have nice ppl around!i hope you took lots of pictures for the HD to see, even if you were forced to eat his piece of cake!

Priya Arun said...

Three cheers to the big sister, people! :-)

And that's another cake you owe me.

Oh..almost forgot.. belated Happy Star Birthday Ashu! :-)

Sunita said...

Happy birthday to Ashu!! Oh I am big on 'late bulbs' too..I have had people shop with me the gift for me and I never have doubted it one sec.
Pleasant surprises are great any time :)

Mona said...

aww! happy 2nd birthday to ashu - sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Tharini said...

Sounds like a hit. And what a pleasant surprise. Where did she have the cake hiding?

Premalatha said...

Is there anything about you that I can use to தேத்திfy myself that mine is better than boo's?

I don't have a sister or an elder brother.

I am the sister to my younger brother!

(Sounds like you had/are having fun. Continue. Post more. Post more to get more puhai from us. :-) puhai coming from my ear, nose and all sorts of holes... )

noon said...

You are in our neck of the woods looks like...Happppy birthday to Ashu - how does it feel for you - her turning 2?! Sisters are the best!
Like the previous comment - cute!
Very cute pic of Ashu...

mommyof2 said...

thats so nice of your sister:-)Happy second B'day Ashu:-)

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