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February 14, 2007

St.Valentine and ABC.

Today morning after breakfast, Hd has some official work so he shut himself up in the bedroom with his laptop. Ashu started banging the door and shouting "Appa, Appa". So to distract her, I told her I ll show her ABC Zoo and started up my laptop to show her the ABC's from the fisher price website. She was sitting near me and when I opened the site, there was this Valentines day banner on it. Thats when I remembered! I called Hd loudly and he yelled back "WHAT" thinking that it was another diaper change time. I shouted "Happy Valentines day". He yelled back "Today? Wish you the same dear". And I went back to the ABC zoo while he went back to his work. I sent an ecard from my laptop from the living room which he received 2 seconds later in his laptop in the bedroom. Cool, huh? Happy Valentines Day Folks! Go on, spread the love. ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy valentines and take care
hope your teeth/jaw fine now.

-occassional commenter

Tharini said...

Deardear Boo...I feel so happy for you that you guys are finally reunited. I can't believe how much Ashu must have missed her Dad. How sweet to read abt the way she was with him.

Andhw lovely of HD to arrange that awesome surprise for you. I read that, told Rajesh abut it and said...listen and learn!

Anonymous said...

so sweet and romantic! :-)
Hope you are well now.


Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Happened here too but on our wedding anniversary.. Its just 7 years of marriage and we no longer want to celebrate it ;)

You know I chat more with my husband than talk. Is technology really helping here? I am not able to say :-)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

You know what I was actually expecting something more romantic from you this year after reading the surprise welcome :)

But you seem to have stood by your promises :)

"I can see we have stretched this Val day thing enough and will put an end to all this silliness next year"

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Happy V-day to you too and ofcourse I read a post on someone's blog (don't remember who) about the love triangle between the hubby, wife and the laptop...happens here too :)

Story Teller said...

eh.. a short little romantic story here.. lol.. belated valentines day..

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