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February 13, 2007

The Parakeet.

Ashu is talking a lot these days. Like a parakeet. She not only says it back after us but she remembers the words and speaks them on the right occasion too. It reminds me that I have to be very careful with my words. The other day in Ikea I got so excited at the children's section since this was the first time I can actually buy something instead of commenting "cute" and moving to the Kitchen area where I can buy stuff I don't need! So I got carried away and wanted to buy the whole section. Hd said its perhaps better if we move into Ikea as well! Ahhh, would nt that be lovely?? Anyway, in my cheerful mood I was picking up random things and asking "Idhu Nallaa irukaa? Adhu nalla irukaa?" (Is this good? Is that good?) to Hd. Ten minutes later we hear a squeaky voice "Appa! Appa! Nallarukka?" and shes holding a set of colorful little cloth hangers in her hands. Of course, I had to buy them too! :)

I so very badly wanted to move the ugly post down.


Anonymous said...

be extra cautious when you are nephew has the unique habit of picking up swears very fast...


upsilamba said...

my sister's friend, she has twins (then 4 yr olds) -- they kind of got lost at a pharmacy here. the shop keeper saw them and asked if they knew what color shirt she was wearing (so he could announce). the twins said "we dont know the shirt color, but she is wearing red underwear".

bottom line: you gotta watch not just what you say :-)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

LOl at Upsilamba's comment. Tell me about 4 yr olds :) Yes....we have learnt a new language now!

Crumbling Cookie said...

ROTFL Upsilamba! Red underwear indeed!!
The first words my almost 11 month old uttered (and completely in context and the right irritated inflection, in front of the MIL at that) was KYA HAI!!!
Be careful, be very very careful! :):)

B o o said...

Srivathsan - You are right. I think Im going to learn my lesson the hard way!

Upsi - LOL! No colors for Ashu anymore! ;)

Orchid - Hd and I are into spelling now. ;)

SM - Only cute things so far thankfully. But we are not far from the embarrassing stuff. I am no way careful but Im very afraid!!

mommyof2 said...

ahh tell me about it.. I have 2 of them doing the same, actually A completes my sentences;-O

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