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February 21, 2007

Is buying bin liners by myself a milestone too?

It has been very cold and windy in Zurich since the time I arrived. The only times we went out were either to Ikea or to a hospital. As if I need an excuse to stay home, just thinking about dressing up Ashu can put anyone off from going out! The tights over her diaper, then some thick pants, thermal top, turtle neck top, sleeveless sweater, the winter jacket, woolen cap, socks and then shoe. If she is nt crying her lungs out already, she will as soon as she sees the mittens. Putting her wriggly fingers inside the mittens and at the same time distracting her from crying should be listed under the Chinese torture methods. Then settling her in the stroller and strapping the belt.Two minutes later, shes trying to stand and crying again. Hd carries her while I push the empty stroller around. Frustrating! So yesterday Hd calls up from office and says what a wonderful sunny day it is.

Me: Is it?
(I open the shutters to see for myself.)
Why indeed, the sun is out! Is there anything else dear?
Hd: So why dont you go out?
Me: What? where?
Hd: Just for a walk woman.
Me: But why?
Hd: To get some fresh air.
Me: I can get that if I stand on the balcony, cant I?
Hd: Come on. Take Ashu and go out for a while.

Me: Why are u ordering me around? Im not a baby. I will go out if I want to.
Hd: It ll be a change for u and for Ashu.
Me: We don't need a change. We are fine.
Hd: Whats your problem? You dont even need to bundle up Ashu. Its very pleasant outside.
Me: But why should I go?
Hd: Why dont u go to that Migros store and buy the garbage disposal bags? It seems we have to use the ones that are sold in our area only.

Me: Why dont you go from office in the evening?
Hd: Fine.
Me: What if Ashu starts crying?
Hd: I said fine.
Me: What if she does nt want to sit in the stroller?
Hd: OK. Don't go.
Me: What if it starts raining?
Hd: OK. Sit at home all day long.
Me: OK. I ll go.
Hd: Whatever!

So after that silly conversation, I dressed up, got Ashu ready and ventured out. It took 20 minutes to walk to the store. 10 minutes there looking at all the aisles, bought the bags and apple juice for Ashu. I could nt have bought anything else even if I wanted to as I cant carry them back. While she was drinking the juice I pushed the stroller and walked back home. 20 more minutes. Ashu did nt utter a word. Not a whimper. Sometimes I was doubtful if she was even sitting on the stroller. She was unusually quiet. Observing every thing on the way. Im sure she was making some escape plans and memorizing the route! Or probably did nt want to cry and ruin the one chance she got to go out. Or may be she overheard the conversation I had with Hd! But it sure left me wonder why these kids behave the way they do when Dad, Grandpa or Grandma are anywhere near the radius. At least Ashu does. Shes an angel all day long but becomes this little devil once Hd comes home in the evening. And Hd is not even the extreme pampering kind like my dad. I am terrified of the future. It looks like she ll tell on me to Hd any day now. I better get my act together and mend my ways. And go out more. It was fun.


Anonymous said...

hey boo ... i could so relate to this one .. there are days when i come up with gazillion reasons why not to take my l'il fella out and most of them stem from the fact that i am primarily a homebody ... at least you have the climate ... i live in california for chrissakes :)

so good going girl and yep, it's a milestone all right !

Story Teller said...

//Im sure she was making some escape plans and memorizing the route! Or probably did nt want to cry and ruin the one chance she got to go out.//

very well written.. lol..

upsilamba said...

boo's back in form...very well written.

btw boo,do you know whats the deal with buying local disposal bags? promoting local business / environmental impact?? just curious.

Anusha said...

LOL at the Boo-Mr.Boo conversation! using rev psych on each other usually works...and benefits all :) and I speak from experience!

Artnavy said...

you must go for walks
but i gues steh weathe rhere can be a bummer huh?

saw teh othe rpost on parnest who indulge EVERYTHING their kids do- absolutely unacceptable to me

By Deepa and Supriya said...

good one boo...enjoyed the mr and mrs boo dialogue :)

Unknown said...

recent conversation (last week)

wife and mil: sundar, they were perfect.. well behaved, till you walked in the front door.. they have started misbehaving, yelling etc.

me: should I go back to office and let you watch "kolangal" in peace with the well behaved kids ?

It is true actually.. My wife has video proof of my daughters behaving like wolves on a full moon day the minute they hear me walk in ! dont know why.. maybe I play rough and tumble with them, carry them on my back and I am loud by nature and this is their way of acknowdledging my presence!

this should be good research material for future Jane Goodall types..

B o o said...

Shobha - Im glad you could relate to it. I thought I was the freak to want to stay home all the time!

DT - Thanks. :)

Upsi - Its a long story. Swiss has this rule where you have to buy the specific bags to dispose garbage. They are almost 2 dollars a bag, can u believe that? Its because theres no council tax like in UK. And we found out that the bags are area specific too. Go figure!

B o o said...

@ - You mean he actually tricked me? ;)

Art - Its mostly the weather and a little lazy me!!

Orchid - It actually happened. Word for word! :)

Sundar - Serious research material indeed.

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