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October 10, 2006


I miss you. Can you like come back?


ps. I am sure Ashu will say the same too if she can talk. Dont let her attachment (read as glued to) towards her Thatha fool you. Hes just a rebound.


Anonymous said...

How many more days to go? Days will fly. Anga pona appuram india miss pannuveenga. So neRaya masala dosai ellam saaptu enjoy pannunga

the mad momma said...

bet he is missing his two girls too.. dont make him cry!

Anonymous said...

i thought the planet comprises of only thangamanis and rangamanis :-) No?

Anonymous said...

@ prakash - paaru, ellaa pondaatiyum I miss you hubbynnu dhaan solraa. Endha wifeaadhu en purushan oorrukku poittaannnu sandhosha padaralaa. indha hubbys dhaan sutha mosam!

B o o said...

Ferrari - A month or may be even two. Stupid change in the visa rules to blame!! @#$%^&

MM - That was the intention! ;)

Prakash - Dont know about Rangamanis but this Thangamani is devastated!! :( I am hoping hes singing "Zurich nagaram urangum neram...". The location is the same as the song, no?!! :))

Anan - Sariyaa sonnel! :)

Premalatha said...

@Prakash, Boo and Anon,

When my Rangamani was in India, my life was indeed much better. And I did not miss him single second. honest.

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