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October 15, 2006

Baby's day out!

Sitting on this swing was a little scary but fun!

And it was fun to feed the cow too... until she licked my hand! Yuck!

And this was a big deer. I saw several and a small one too. Amma sang "Maan kuttiye, pulli maan kuttiye"! I dont think she meant me this time!

Being chased by the Geese was no fun, I tell you. And with Amma and Grandpa screaming at Paati to run, I thought I will have to face the geese alone! But the good Paati picked me up and ran. Now THAT was fun! :)


Anonymous said...

The photographs are lovely! Wish I was there too.. Looks so grown up feeding the cow... Miss her!

Anonymous said...

She looks lovely. Which place is this? some park near kumbakonam or you have a farm house or something?


Anonymous said...

Hey Boo,

I upgraded my login to blogger beta and now it doesn't allow me to comment on non-beta blogs.. hence the anon comment.


Unknown said...

cool photos, same question as Kowsalya, where was it taken?

Anonymous said...

Photos are cool... she has grown up so much and looks cho sweet...Where was it taken?

B o o said...

Guys, it is Sterling Swamimalai. 15 mins drive from Kmu. It is one of the Heritage hotels. Nicely done up. Check out this link for info.

They have a restaurant there so we visit it often. The food is only so-so but Ashu has fun in the farm there, as you can see! :)

Anonymous said...

I am just showing the photos to my daughter and she would love to meet Ashu.. drop a note when you come to chennai :)


Nee said...

Boo, forget Switzerland and come to the UK. I'll baby-sit Ashu anytime!

B o o said...

Kowsalya - Thanks a bunch for the offer. Usually its a hectic schedule when I come to Chennai, but I will try!

Nee - Wow! Im getting so many irresistable offers today! I loved living in the UK and have fond memories. Now with your offer, it is very tempting. Lets see! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, a pretend farm?? it looks soo cool...and I LOLed imagining geese chasing li'l Ashu :)

The Kid said...

very cute pics. btw, what is this "Maan kuttiye, pulli maan kuttiye"

inda paate kelviyae pattadilla. New movie song?

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