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October 05, 2006

Bits and pieces.

So many things are happening in my side and each deserves a post of its own. But I will spare you all and just give a glimpse!

On Saturday I am going to my parents place. Will be there for a month and then come back to Bangalore and leave for Zurich by mid Nov, if everything goes as per plan that is!

My moms cleaning the house right now. Which means, we are fighting from morning to night. Dont ask!

Ashu is being extra clingy to my mom and extra stubborn and extra adamant and extra everything. Is this a phase or is it my mom?

HD is in Zurich hunting for a house. It is tougher in Zurich than Basel to get a house I guess. Hope the difference between the two cities ends there. (If by some remote chance, you are reading this from Zurich, can we be friends? If you have a child too, can we be best friends?)

My dads car which we had borrowed all these months went back today loaded with all our luggages. I have no idea why we have so much stuff to take while we travel.

For dinner today I made Kadai paneer WITHOUT turmeric, tomatoes, corn flour(for thickening as it went too watery!) and garam masala because my mom sent all these things in the car. I had to make Kadai Paneer since the paneer I bought a month back was expiring tomorrow!

Just today I remembered that I need to buy at least 2 big packs of diaper as we dont get it in my home town. When I went to the corner pharmacy to buy them, they were out of stock. Another shop where we used to buy also did nt have them. May be Ashu is ready to be potty trained!

When the driver was taking the stuff to the car, Ashu saw him taking the Pooh rocker and leaving the house. She ran behind him shouting "Pooh, Pooh" and started crying. And she has never bothered to sit on it or play with it even for a minute.

I am shocked to see the amount of stuff I have to take for one month. How am I ever going to manage with the measly 20 kgs to Zurich? Daddy, can you send a car there too?

I am hooked on to Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, the celebrity dance show on Sony and Nach Baliye 2 on Star one. But they are so dragging. Especially the one whole hour for eliminating a couple on JDJ. I can as well watch the next day and find out whos missing. Farah Khan on JDJ and Saroj Khan in NB rock as judges. But Shilpa Shetty and Kunal Kohli are total waste. And can Malika Arora Khan please refrain from saying "Yo all were great", "Yo all are cute", "Yo all were brilliant", "Yo all sucked" like a million times. It is so annoying. There are only two shes talking to, right? So why "yo all"?

On the blog front, I have three or more tags on my head. It would be fun to do them. One by one. I also wanted to write a post on a certain issue triggered by another post but dont know where to start. But I will.


Kowsalya Subramanian said...

"Ashu is being extra clingy to my mom and extra stubborn and extra adamant and extra everything. Is this a phase or is it my mom?"

Boo - You are warned. This is not a phase. Haha, it is the ego that is developing, you will see a sea of change when the kids cross 18 months.

Artnavy said...

Hey Busyboo, I too am addicted to both but I prefer Jhalak diklaa ja.

It is the same diff as Sa re ga ma and Indian Idol, if you have seen those two.

I cant stand Malaika's gasp deep necklines and that she is sooooo slim post delivery!:-)

Aqua said...

hey i'm hooked to both JDJ and Nach Baliyey. I think technically JDJ is better but Nach Baliyay has more tv star power. i know...they take one whole goddamn hour to eliminate one couple.

and arnavy - i HATE how malaika is Sooper slim after baby while i still look about 5 months prggy even after 2 yrs of havin a baby :)

--Sunrise-- said...

wow... i am looking at your blog since a long time... and whoo! loving the new template... and going back to Switzerland, too... wow... :)

Anonymous said...

I think the kids are going to be in some kind of phase their whole lives. So we better get used to it and stop dreaming of the perfect day when everything is just the way it has to be!

My older one has a horrible fungal infection cos of her repeated diaper rashes and I was thinking of the same thing 'May be it is a sign to start potty training her'. I don't know about her, but Iam not ready for that.

My older one plays with her long forgotten toys only when the kids who come to our house are interested in them. It is a more of an establishing their territory thingy rather than playing with them!

The Kid said...

"Made in Switzerland" and
to be brought up in Switzerland! ;)

just kiddin!

noon said...

Growing up in Switzerland! How nice! Is she excited that she will going there soon?
Won't you be shipping a lot of stuff before you go there or do you really plan on cutting it all down to a few suitcases?

B o o said...

Kowsalya - Thanks for the warning! I thought so too! ;)

Art - Tell me about Malaika. Thats why I left her out.

Aqua - We dont get Star One in my home town. So probably you guys should update me!! I like JDJ better too but NB rocks coz of Saroj Khan. That woman does nt mince her word, does she?!!

B o o said...

Thanks sunrise. Not so much "wow" right now about going back to Swiss though!! :(

A - We call it a phase because its "we have to get used to yet another thing phase" perhaps?!! ;)

Pratap - I am hoping to come back in a year or 2. So probably partially brought up in Swiss!

noon - She has no clue. For all you know, she might be thinking we are right now in Swiss as we ve left Blore!! :) We ve really not thought about shipping. But we have to if we want to take all of Ashus clothes, toys and books!

the mad momma said...

you and your mom are fighting... a friend and i figured that it is a mother-daughter relationship complexity. you will never see sons in such situations with either parent. we all fight with our mothers.
ashu is being extra stubborn - maybe she and the brat decided to gang up against us blogging mothers. my son has decided to show his true Taurean self and just abt everything is an issue with him.
Malaika Arora - honey if you were the bread winner instead of your husband like she is.. and putting bread on the table depended on what your jeans size was, you would be whittling down as fast as her!! i wrote a very angst ridden post on that a while ago. maybe someday when we are all done with rearing children we can go lose weight.. till then i am happy that we are all healthy mothers with our priorities right!

Anonymous said...

Hi there....I live 25 mins away from Zurich in a village called Baar ( Canton Zug). Also from singaara chennai....been in Switz close to 2 yrs now.. Would be nice to meet you id is
---Rasika Krishnamurthy.

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