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July 12, 2006


Nothing shocks me anymore. And that is really worrying. All I can think is, what is this World coming to?
Let Peace prevail!

ps. And yes, Rajdeep Sardesai was absolutely insensitive. I just wanted to wipe the smirk off his face!


Anonymous said...

Very sad incident. God knows when government will take strong actions against terrorists!

Wundergal said...

Boo, I've tagged u...

Anonymous said...

My folks are in Mumbai( while I am in Chennai) and I am amazed that life seems to count for so little and everything is so uncertain... Sardesai knows only to sensationalise things....BTW Boo have you read Gods Little Soldier??

Priya Arun said...

It's really heart-rending when you think a loved one who went to work in the morning would never come back home. Even worse is the agony of not knowing!

May God give all of them the strength and courage to get through these times.

And yeah, Sardesai is scaling new heights in the art of insensitivity - all that matters to him is CNN-IBN.

B o o said...

ferrari - Its really frustrating! How difficult is to at least act sympathetic? One hour meeting pottaa dhaan they can even release a condolence message! God help us!

wundergal - Lemme c what I can do! *My first tag! YE!! :)*

art - My prayers are with you art. No I have nt read the book. I will try to get a copy soon, thanks to you!

B o o said...

Priya - Amen to that!

d - I quote
"These pictures are now being beamed on all CNN networks all over the world. Indians all over the world watching CNN are now watching CNN-IBN. This is the power of CNN-IBN".
More than what he said, its the way he reported the news. Like a child who has got hold of a truckload of chocolates! It was really annoying.

Anonymous said...

I was depressed abt the incident. However I didn't know abt Sardesai's comment until I read your blog.

He definitely is insane!

Vinca123 said...

I used to think that nothing can shock me anymore after 9/11 and london blasts. But this time around I was, coz my folks are in Mumbai.
Dunno what the terrorists achieved by this??

ps: Boo, I am hooked onto your posts. Currently am running thro ur archives :)

Mad said...

My uncle lives in Mumbai. I was at work when I got to know of the blasts...and I could not concentrate till I knew he and his family were safe. I was so moved to see all those messages flowing across the screens of various channels..people frantic to know that their dear and near ones were safe..
When Rajdeep made that insensitive remark, I was telling a colleague about the wonderful things the media was doing..taking these messages across borders. I felt pride and shame in the same hour thinking about our Media... I had always wanted to be a journalist, now I am thankful I have not turned into one of those.

Dadoji said...

RS has always been a twat as far as I know. His comments during the NDA Govt. days were like a bunch of screeching banshies.

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