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July 27, 2006

Movies and popcorn.

Watched 2 movies in the last 2 weeks on the big screen. That makes a grand total of five movies in one year. Not a bad record with a baby, I should add. The first four times, my mom baby sat Ashu while HD and I went for the movies while yesterday HD stayed home with Ashu while I went with my cousins and nieces. There were 6 of us and we had a blast. But the movie was a dud! (We knew that beforehand. Thats the reason HD decided to be all nice and stayed home!) My seven year old niece loved it though! Oops, I did nt mention the name of the movie, did I? It was Krrish! Ok, so have you stopped laughing now? Read on then! The first half was at least watchable but the second half was OH MY GOD horrible! My cousin and I were passing our own comments and were laughing so hard. That was the fun part. As if the movie was nt irritating enough, there were loads and loads of product placements too. It was nt like the occasional coke cans here and there but was 'on your face' and annoying. I could spot all these brands in absolutely unnecessary scenes:

Hero Honda

The hilarious part is when grandma Rekha pours Tide detergent into a bucket standing in the middle of a beautiful living room. I mean, give me a break. And in the next scene, the Tide packet is sitting on the kitchen shelf next to the stainless steel tumblers! I would have appreciated a free sample, for Gods sake! Hrithik was good though. Poor thing has poured his soul for this dud. Priyanaka's make up was horrible in some scenes. I don't even know the first thing about professional make up and I could see what a blotchy make up it was! And she was Miss World? Hmm...!

Mission Impossible 3 was the other movie we watched. Loved it.

"I'd marry him!"

In the movie, two women who come to the engagement party of Tom Cruise and his fiancée (whoever she is, I don't care!) say that to each other after talking to Tom for a few minutes! I agree! :-D *drools*

Why do parents bring babies to the theater? The father was taking the screaming baby out of the hall 5 or 6 times. And the noise was horrible. I tightly shut my ears during all the song and action sequences. It was damn loud. Show some mercy to the babies people!

Try the Schezwan popcorn at the Innovative multiplex in Bangalore when you go next time. Very good. Made watching Krrish worthwhile! :)


Anonymous said...

Pirates of Carribean pogaliya? Ungalukku captain jack pudikaadha? :D

Dadoji said...

That much in-your-face ads, huh? Didn't know about this trend. Glad you survived it. And TomC looks worn these days. Jack Sparrow is en vogue.

The Kid said...

I thought Cap. Jack Sparrow was suave in the first one... but he definitely looks (ahem) gay in the second.... Fun movie though !

Anonymous said...

Hey, watched Pirates last Sat. Fell asleep in the middle of the movie. The little I watched was spent in discussing with my husband if Jack Sparrow is gay or metro. Do something better with your time than watching Dead man's chest.
Regarding screaming baies in theaters, restaurants, shopping complexes, bank, libraries....where ever the place is..... Recently took my baby going through 'terrible two's to the bank and she screamed her heads of and started rolling around in the carpet throwing a fit. All this because the kid wanted to play with the computers in the bank and no one will let that happen. I was so embarrased. The more I tired pacifying the child, the louder the noise grew. All I could do was let the baby roll around and walk away pretending that the brat is not mine. Parenting magazines say one must keep their cool, people around will understand, if the situation is bad remove the baby from the place and walk away...blah, blah,blah...easier said than done! How can one walk away while you are in the middle of a transaction in the bank or sitting down for a quick bite in a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have been doing that for the past 3 1/2 years and it has been working out great!..i.e going to the movies separately with friends/relatives. This gives us a nice break from the usual kid routine!!

B o o said...

Ferro - Pirates had not got released when we went for MI2. It would have been my first choice!

Dadoji - Thats what I thot about Tom Cruise after Collateral. But he really looks hot in MI3! BTW, is there a rule that I cant fancy more than one actor at a time?!! :)

Pratap - Will watch it anyway! Waiting for the DVD to be out!

B o o said...

Guess - That bad huh? Like I said, I ll wait for the DVD then! I understand totally what you are saying. I am half way there! ;) But my problem at the cinema hall was that it was so damn loud in there and the child was nt even a year old. BTW, do I have to guess who you are?

Hiranmayi - So true!

Dadoji said...

Boo: Sure you can like as many as you want. The point was TC is passe. And DMC is not that bad. My short review is here.

Mad said...

If you liked the popcorn there, you should try the pop corn at INOX....AWFUL in all its totallity! For the first time ever, I wanted to share the popcorn with the guy who made me buy it :-)

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