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November 30, 2005

Today is special.

Me: I did nt get anything for your birthday. Not even a card. I am so sorry.
HD: It's ok. I understand.
Me: I absolutely did nt ve time to get anything. You know how busy I am at home.
HD: I know. No worries.
Me: I am not lying. I swear.
HD: Ok dear.
Me: I usually overwhelm you with gifts but this time nothing, nada, zilch.
HD: That’s ok.
Me: I promise that I ll try to be a better person from today.
HD: Great. That’s the best gift you can give me on my birthday.
Me: What do you mean? That I am not a better person? I am bad?
HD: No. No. You are good. But there’s always place for improvement.
Me: What do you mean I am good? I am the best.
HD: I know. Even I have to improve myself.
Me: Excuse me. "Even I??" What do you mean by "even" I?
HD: I did nt mean it that way, ok?
Me: Whatever.

Happy Birthday Dear. You are my best half!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha... How typical!

K said...

happy bday HD

Anonymous said...

hey hubby & i share almost the same b'day - mine ends & his begins & man i do get J when the focus from me fades into his at 12 sharp (all empathies with cinderella...)

The Visitor said...
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The Visitor said...

Boo - your conversations with your HD remind me of similar conversations posted on Couple conversations

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