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November 10, 2005

Heard the music? Now move aside!

Two years out of India and I knew I would be comparing and have dislikes. But to my surprise, I am glad I am back and enjoying every day. Well, until now. Something, which is supposed to be insignificant, is annoying me a lot wherever I go. Noise. A particular noise. Honking we all are immune to. Even if honking seems new, you get used to it. But who ever thought of reverse gear music? Can it even be called music? Beethoven, Mozart, latest film songs, ring tones, Vande Matharam and even our National Anthem are nt spared. What's the point of this piece of noise? It's not like you don't look back while reversing. And if you want to catch someone's attention, that's why the honks are for right? Or are the drivers so bored with honking that they had to go for this? Or they think honking is for the person in front and popular ring tones for the people behind? They are so loud and played so long that you thank the heaven that parking rules are nt strict here. Otherwise by the time a learner parallel-parks perfectly, you would ve heard every "kuthu paatu" currently in the charts. As if this is nt enough, my neighbor parks his car even at 2 am sometimes and I live on the first floor directly above the car parks. I could ve forgiven him earlier but not now. It's not that "your sleep is disturbed and you go back to sleep" anymore. It's "screaming and crying and feeding and rocking back to sleep" now. If you thought I was over-reacting, now you know how this insignificant thing is playing havoc in my life. As if we need more factors to lose sleep. Come on; get a mute button all of you. Or else, you will find a baby in your back seat. But you probably won't hear her screaming while reversing to Nokia ring tone!


Anonymous said...

As much as the music is annoying, it is fun reading your blog which has a funny undertone.. :-)

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