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October 04, 2005


Sunday was Portrait Day! I have renewed respect for Baby photographers now. The things we did to make that little rat smile! Mein Gott! If we were on TV and you had watched us on "mute", you would ve called immediately the SPCA. (I did say "rat", did nt I?!)

So Ashu is in the car seat. The camera on the tripod and my BIL behind it. HD is the temporary light boy holding the tall lamp shade and making Ashu go blind and at the same time setting BIL's hair on fire with the hot coil on the light bulb. I am standing on one side and shaking my head vigorously up and down and shouting "Aaaaah". Sis is standing at the other end shaking a noisy rattle, hoping Ashu will smile at her antics and not mine! My poor baby is laughing alright! AT US!

And then my sis had this ingenious idea of covering herself with a blanket and holding Ashu on her lap so that Ashu will be comfortable and feel someone is holding her. I can’t say in words how much I laughed at THAT sight. Take a look yourself. (That sphinx like thing behind is my sister covered by a Duvet!!)

Now I know why most of the babies in the Anne Geddes pictures are sleeping!


Unknown said...

lol...cute pic :)

alone in my dreams said...

have to say, that was creative of your sis!
enjoyed looking at the pics...
Ashu has a great smile!

Unknown said...

Ashu is so cute!
Portraits don't get any easier I'm afraid.
especially around 1 when they can escape, and have separation anxiety and won't let you let go of them for their picture to be taken.
Thanks for checking out my blog.
I put up some new pics of my kids today.

Just Like That said...

Ha Ha Ha now I get the gist of why you love your sis..
Ashu has a cute smile- she looks like she's really enjoying your antics.

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