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October 06, 2005

"Om Kreem" I scream!

Ashu has started screaming. So long it has been only crying. But now she screams and also cries. If you think crying was annoying and getting on your nerves, wait till the screaming starts. Mein Gott! It’s unbelievable. How can a 5 month old have so much fury? It’s not like she’s screaming for a toy or anything. That will take another month or two, I think. She screams now because she is bored. She wants to be carried. She wants to be cuddled. She wants attention. Plain and simple. She is MY daughter after all. What else can I expect? I love you mom and I am sorry for everything. Please forgive me fast and redeem me before Ashu hits her teens!


alone in my dreams said...

and here I was thinking that the worst is over when boo started sleeping in the nights...

must be tough trying to manage the baby all alone.

B o o said...

Its never over, pal! It always seems yesterday was better, last week was more tolerable, last month was great,...! I remember my mom telling me she can handle a dozen toddler ME easily than one teenage ME!!! ;)

The Visitor said...

Worries are forever, no matter what age :(

Just Like That said...

I keep complaining to my Mom abt Sonny boy and she goes, Ha Ha you ain't seen nothing yet!
I still haven't heard any differently from her and Sonny boy is 3yrs, 4 months.. Sigh!!

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