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July 30, 2005

World of Boo.

Lots of Baggage.
Principles? What Principles?
This and that.
Do YOU approve of me sis?

Atithi Devo Bhava.
Back after my first 4 day break.
From here to there.
Bye bye Basel.

Location : India.
Random thoughts I was recording until I got the Internet connection today.(atlast!)
List of things I missed and make me feel good to be back.
Desperate housewife!
Does only content matter?

Knock, knock!
Tamil Vaazhga!
Bye, bye 2005.
These are the few of my favourite things. (With a twist!)
Time to pack my bags.

Dinner and 'A' movie.
Surprise Galore!
Century. Ton. Hundred. 100. Nooru.
Penty & Sonu.

In the middle of chaos...
Bangalore Airport.
Officially changed from today...
A rose by any other name... will not be remembered.

Metti Oli!
Feeling Hot,Hot,Hot!
Long time, no see!
My Hero.
Girl next door.

If you know what I mean...
A depressing week.
Moving back to Switzerland.

Bits and Pieces.
The Old.
I am Back.
I am a Celebrity.
Dear Opposite Door Neighbor,

Taking Sides.
Quiet a heavy thought for the day.
The customary end of the year musings.
Here's to more comments.
Bigger, better & older Boo.

Five point me!
The Good, Bad and Ugly.
Action Hero.

Get well soon, Baby S.
My 29th Birthday.
I aint fat for no reason.
Birthday update.
Daylight Savings.

Baby S died...
Ahoj, dekuji, Na sheldanau
Indian Mommies Announcement.
California here we come.
Safe and Sound.

Ticket to ride.
Cut to Zurich.
Thinking Blogger Award.
Heaven is...

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