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May 04, 2007

Safe and sound.

I survived. Yippee! Ashu was a doll and behaved fabulously and made me proud when half a dozen people complimented her on how sweet and how nice she was through out the flight. But its never enough is it? Even if you travel with an angelic child, 14 hours in a stupid airplane can tire anyone out!

The first row seat.
Personal TV screen.
The most friendliest steward I have ever seen. I strongly vote for Male Stewards. Fire those damn rude air hostesses!
A good natured child. Especially if its your own.

OK I don't know how to say this. But this guy who was sitting in our row next to Ashu kept plucking his hair and EATING it. He was at it for 10 hours. He had bald patches in his head. Once I saw him pluck a lump of hair, ball it and eat it like cotton candy. I did nt let Ashu sit next to him. I kept her in my lap all the time except when food was served. I always looked at my right instead of that hair plucker(Translate this word into Tamil if you know the language!) and sprained my neck. I wanted to throw up violently every time I saw him doing it. I wanted some one else to see him doing that and almost told the friendly steward. But held my tongue at the end. This has to be the grossest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Every time he was about to smile or about to strike a conversation with me or Ashu, I turned the other way and wished he disappeared. It was HORRIBLE. I am scarred for life. I don't know why he of all people had to sit in our row. And to think that nail biting annoys me...

Ashu went to sleep when the flight landed in SFO. I cleared immigration and collected the baggage. Carried sleeping Ashu, folded the stroller and kept it on the trolley. And pushed the heavy trolley with one hand while balancing Ashu with the other. The ten minutes walk to the exit was painful to say the least. I wish there were some airport staff to help passengers traveling alone with kids. What if I had more luggage? What if I had two kids? (How do you moms who travel alone with two or more kids manage? Do tell. ) Anyway, I come out and see what? No Bil! Sis had told me that she was nt coming to the airport. And there was no Bil either! I was bone tired. So just sat on a chair and decided to wait. 35 mins later, I see my Bil coming. I give him a fake smile and ask what happened. My sis comes behind me and gives me a hug. I am relieved to see her because I don't have to fake with her! I shout at her and tell her I don't want to talk to her ever. Ask her to carry Ashu as a punishment which she happily does! Hmmph! Ashu gets up and looks at them in a daze. Goes to my Bil and says Bye to me! That little Brutus!


anantha said...

hair plucker(Translate this word into Tamil if you know the language!)

Oh you mean - மாயிர புடூங்கி???


Anusha said...

good to see Ashu made it in one piece - and you too! ewwww at the hairball - no more comments on that!

Crumbling Cookie said...

So you are safe and sound in sunny California. We were in California for some time and really enjoyed it-there are so many places to see. I am sure Ashu will love the sea lions in fisherman's wharf in SF.
On the hair eating guy..ewwwwww!! I can imagine gross it would have seemed.
Its actually a psychological disorder -trichotillomania. Sometimes triggered by extremem stress. Maybe he hated flying.

Shobha said...

As entertaining as ever Boo :-)
Have fun, hmm ??

Tharini said...

Hey welcome from a few 1000 miles up north. :) Any jetlag? Having fun this wknd?

hair pulcker! omg! No words for that!

Terri the terrific said...

boo, the next time you travel alone, flutter your eyelashes at the nearest desi dad. The damsel in distress role, if played to perfection, usually works like a charm when you want them to lift your heavy luggage on to a cart. Reward with a dazzling smile, while the spouse throws you both dirty looks. Let him face the music when you're gone.
If all else fails, there are always Skycap guys standing around with a trolley. Of course, they expect money.

Anonymous said...

Welcome from a few 2000 miles up north!

Enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...

that next seat guy may be suffering from Trichotillomania

Fuzzylogic said...

You made it good flying with Ashu. You give me inspiration boo!I'm off to India tomorrow and I'm hoping my flight with Ina will be smooth,please pray for me:) Anyway enjoy the sunny California!

Itchingtowrite said...

yuck.. i almost threw up... and to think i just posted my uncomfortable experiences on the flight .. u beat me hollow

the mad momma said...

eeeyooo eeyoooo... yuck.... as to how we travel with two kids? not done it alone. Travelled with one kid alone. travelling with two kids and the OA in one week. will tell you how that goes!

mommyof2 said...

ewwwww hair plucker ewwwwwwwwwwwwww *gag*

Enjoy your stay:-)

Anonymous said...

How did the MP manage to digest the M???

B o o said...

Anti - You said it! Now go and improve your tamil typing!!

Kodis mom - ewww does nt begin to explain what I felt!!

SM - It helps to know that its s disorder! But still...

SS - Thanks. Sure having fun!

Tharini - Jetlag? Good idea! A separate post coming up!! ;)

Terri - As always one can count on you for practical ideas! :) Did nt find any assistance while I was coming out though!

B o o said...

Anon1 - thanks.

Anon2 - I hope that guy knows it too and does something about it before flying again!!

Fuzzy - Good luck dear! You guys have a long way to go, may the source be with you!

i2w - What with the flight food and my motion sickness and this guy, its a wonder how I did nt throw up!!

MM - Will be expecting the post. Im sure it will as entertaining as ever!

Mommyof2 - All of you are lucky you were nt in my place if reading my post gorsses you out!! Imagine my plight! I was seriuosly considering jumping out of the plane.

Akka - I never want to find out!

anantha said...

மயிர புடூங்கி???

Ippo correct a? :D

B o o said...

Anantha - I hope my dad never reads this post of mine! You are nt there quite yet! டூ illai, டு! All time!

Anonymous said...

hey, how do you comment in tamil

anantha said...

Mebbe I should just add "மயிர புடுங்கி" into Quillpad's dictionary :D

hehe.. seri seri. Before you throw a chappal, I will comment on other posts as well!

The Visitor said...

I dont even want to think of MP, and you and and anantha go into the spelling, phoenetics and the lot of the word.

@terri - who else can give such a brilliant, practical suggestion. In future I would fancy that all fluttering-eyelids-damsels-in-distress are mom.

@IQA - You are alive?

Just Like That said...

EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!! how did you manage to sit for 14 hrs next to the MP?
Very very GROSS! I can't imagine the scenario.

tho' I'm sorry for the fellow if its a disorder.

All the same. LOL you have a happening life, hairballeater and all!

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