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July 14, 2014


Me: Ashu, please go and fold your blankets on the bed. Yours and Antus.
Ashu: Ok amma.

5 minutes later, I pass the room and see that Ashus blanket is neatly folded while Antus blanket is not. 

Me: Ashu, why have nt you folded Antus blanket?
Ashu: Because she said she ll do it herself.

Me: Antu, why did nt you fold your blanket then?
Antu: I did nt tell her I will fold it. 
Me: Well?
Ashu: She said that amma. 
Antu: I did NOT!
Me: What exactly did she say Ashu?
Ashu: She said "I can do everything by myself. I don't need your help."

Me: *light bulb glows* And WHEN did she say this?
Ashu: She said it yesterday.
Me: Yesterday? When?
Ashu: When I asked her if I can help her with the puzzle and she said she can do everything by herself!
Me: !!!!


yaadayaada said...

She the lawyer!!

Me said...


Unknown said...

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Anamika said...

So Cute!

popo233 said...

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ashok said...


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