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June 27, 2014


Dear Antu,

My heart weighs a tonne as I write this and its not only because I have to start buying train and bus tickets, swimming pool and other miscellanious entry tickets now that you are six and they are not free anymore! Well that too! But mainly because you are SIX! The first thing you did today after waking up was to go and stand against the height chart and see how much taller you have got now that you are six! :) You have had the most exciting year but then being Antu is always exciting! You are always singing or dancing or living in your fancy pretend world! We are all mere servants who exist to fulfill your every little wish! A simple "no" from me will make you cry buckets and declare "You don't even like me!" and stomp off! Your dad though is a big fan of your extreme drama and laughs at the most inopportune moment making you even more mad! Will the man ever learn, you think?

First year of Kindergarten is almost done and you are in love with your school, your teacher and friends. You walk to school and back on your own and so very responsible with your things. You notice everything thats happening around you and come home and tell me everything! You have started reading a lot and progressed to chapter books now and its heartening to see you follow your sister in this regard. I found you reading while walking to the car the other day and I had to ask you to stop doing that but not without a secret smile in my face! :) Its so sweet to hear you talk in German to your friends and please forgive me for taking secret videos of you doing that! Almost every video begins with you asking me "Are you taking a video?" and me lying "Of course not!" I know. I am awful like that!

You have a birthday party tomorrow at home with a few friends from school and you have planned every last detail! Your excitement is infectious and even Ashu, who could nt care two hoots about her own party, is planning stuff for you! But then having seen how awesome you were to Ashu on her birthday and the multiple birthday parties she had this year, its not surprising. Got to give it you for being so fair! You make everyone around you feel special and make sure everyone treats you special too! You even demand it! Which is something I can learn from you! At heart, you are a total daddy's girl but include me once in a while so that I don't feel hurt. Its the same with the Thathas, Perippa and Maama too! You have figured out that men are lot less complicated and most of all, they don't tell you what to do which is all you ever want!

You have a beautiful singing voice and know all the "Frozen" songs by heart and keep singing all the time. You love puzzles and origami and playing dolls. You love to dress up. You are cycling and roller blading already and go to swimming and ballet classes. You have said you want to learn the Piano and not Violin! You are Miss.Chatter box! Whenever we talk about moving out of Switzerland, you say "no way" and are almost in tears. Its touching how connected you feel to this place and the people. After all, this is the only home you have ever had. Today your aunt called and I was faking to cry on the phone and you were quick to tell your Perimma "Amma is crying because I am not a baby anymore!" Well you will always be my baby and no number can change that ever, got it? I love you loads my little baby and have a great birthday!



Usha said...

Happy Birthday dear Antu! And Boo, I am sure the girls will cherish these b'day blogs you write...lovely ones!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Antu.. ippa than kuzhandai piranda kadai padicha madhiri iruku...

cinema kooda poneenga as soon as your mom landed, just few days before her birth!

we have seen the 2 girls grow through your blog.

lots of love to both the girls and you dear boo !!!

Sujatha Ramesh

Me said...

Happy birthday Antu!

yaadayaada said...

Happy Birthday kutti!! Thanks to technology, I am glad I was there to see you cut the cake and measure yourself and tell me all about how much you have grown!! Wish you all the happiness!

Manisha said...

You are so love to grow up as fast as possible and we mothers want them to be our babies for ever, who we can cuddle and kiss a lot..
My baby boy who is just 2.5 yr old has already started running off the moment he senses I'm about to kiss :)

Anonymous said...

wow - a saree photo too! Yeah I cant believe it has been six years either, I know from the pregnant with a second child post! We got our boo thanks to you two! :)Happy birthday Antu.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Antu. We the readers are shocked you have already turned six. And one beautiful princess you are, might I add! was the party? And what goodies did you get?


Sunita said...

You are therefore like to grow up as fast as possible and we mothers want them to function as our babies forever, who we can cuddle and kiss a great deal...

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