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September 24, 2012

Ashu does it again. And again!

The other day, our conversation turned to the subject of adoption and I was telling Ashu how I had always wanted to adopt a baby but it never happened. And she had many questions about babies without a parent and asked how it happens and why it happens, etc...I explained it to Ashu and was asking Ashu if she wished she had a brother and Antu quickly replied, "I dont want a brother. I want a sister." "A little sister?", I asked her. Yes, she replied! :) "May be I should adopt a baby girl now. What do you think, Ashu?"

No Amma. I dont think you should.
But why?
I dont think its a good idea.
Why not? I just told you how some children need a home! Dont you think those kids deserve a loving family too?
Adoption is great, Amma. Its a good thing to do. But I dont think YOU should do it!
EXCUSE ME? Why would you say that?
You are already stressed with just the two of us, Amma. And you are so strict with us. I dont want you to be strict with an adopted baby!

I dont remember what I replied to her or if I replied at all! My heart sure broke a little though.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...but u got The answer.


Sumana said...

She is an angel to think like that. This gen kids need a hitler amma, don't worryi would not expect a different answer from my kids.

AA_Mom said...

I would concentrate on the part that she does understand that you are stressed and parenting is not an easy or a casual task. Way to go Ashu

SJ said...

How Practical ! I mean really Boo...She can foresee things ! It's sure an indication to relax your rules with Ashu and Antu !

Lakshmi said...

boo, perhaps you should tell Ashu that when you adopt a child, s/he will be no different than Ashu/Antu and therefore will not mind a stern amma?

Sachita said...

ah... you dont need to feel guilty, which 6 yr old wouldnt have disliked her mom's strictness?

--Sunrise-- said...

Ah your little big girl is amazing! I'm sure she meant it with a lot of love, as only a child can be so frank with one's mother. :)

Mary Brinda said...

Hi, I am Brinda from Bangalore. Random blog hopping led to your blog and for the past 4 days being reading about you and your lovely family. My best wishes to the kids, they are really lucky to have you as their mom. Years down the line, when they read your blog, they will have tears of happiness. If at all you believe in this, pls suthi podunga, kannu patra poguthu ;)

The next trip you make to India, I would love to meet you and your family.


3mik said...

Ha Ha Ha .Title should be "baby against adoption".Sometimes kids provide more fun than indian laughter challenge.Dont be strict with her.

Anonymous said...

k... get this... I finished reading your blog ... the complete one in 4-5 months. every post starting from 2005.

I loved every inch of it :). I love the way you write...

And here is the big shocker... you inspire me to write :)

Anonymous said...

woman take the hint! Your girl has overgrown you and can "parent" YOU! Miss the grown-up girls!

--Sunrise-- said...

Boo akka, I suggest you get rid of all the spam comments and give us some updates on your beautiful girls, please! :-)

mnamma said...

Why no updates Boo?

baby growth