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September 05, 2011

The One in Which Ashu Reads to Antu.

Right from the minute your child starts recognizing alphabets, you are waiting for that awesome moment when your child starts reading books. "Will she be an early reader or late reader? Will she be interested in books at all? How is she doing compared to her peers in India? Will she be like a certain gifted child who goes through books like we go through tissues in this house? Will she retain what she reads?" Dont tell me you never thought along those lines! It cant be just me! And when the said child is nearing 6 and is nt memorizing the Encyclopedia like you wanted her to, you tell yourself, "Well! Whats the big deal! When they are older, they are all going to end up reading and discussing the same teen fiction crap anyway!" What? Thats just me?

Coming to the point, Ashus reading hit an all time high a month back. I think the two month summer vacation did some magic. She was found reading all the time. Begged for "just one more book" before bed time, she not only read the reading book her teacher sent home, she read the note the teacher sent for the parents as well. (And she actually read "read" as "red" when it was used in past tense! I was amazed!) And just when I heaved a sigh of relief and was wondering when to introduce Harry Potter to her, something unexpected happened.

I sent Antu to bed around 7.30 pm today because she had nt napped in the afternoon and was very sleepy. Ashu was sitting next to me on the couch and what else but reading! I heard Antu calling Ashu and told Ashu to go check on her and come back. Then I got busy in the kitchen and around 8 pm, went to check on the kids thinking that Ashu also went to sleep. And what do I see? This.

Antu asked Ashu to read to her, it seems. So she brought the table lamp from the other room, plugged it in their bedroom, kept the lamp on the bed and reading to her quietly! I think the day she starts reading with a flashlight under the blanket is nt far away!


yaadayaada said...

That is so cute!!

sraikh said...

Thats the best thing, when older kids can read to their siblings.

My oldest loves to read and she ad I actually read same books(Hunger games for eg)

My 2nd one isn't that much of a fan but still has her moments.

My boy, is recently started chapter books. I found him Diary of A Wimpy kid series and he is into that

No matter how many kids I have, the first time they actually read out loud is such a thrilling time. I always feel that jolt of pride? happiness?

Sumana said...

So so cute. Love these little things which they do for their siblings inspite of fighting all day.

utbtkids said...

Boo, now that you have a reader have you realized that you can no longer buy whatever you please from the store? Everything is read LOUDLY and many a questions asked. I would list the stiff we have to go alone in order to buy....but I am not going to.

Does Ashu have a photographic memory as well? Then let me give you tips, make sure you NEVER show that child your credit card/ATM card/Debit card. Say, "Look look a flying dinosaur" and distract her before you punch in that ATM pin. Otherwise one fine day you will stand there scratching your head for the ATM pin and the child will announce to the whole world, 'Amma is it the X bank card? [says the 16 number]? The pin is !@#$' Then you have to go around, like me, with gondhu halwa and put it in the child's mouth when ever she opens her mouth. Sigh!

Choxbox said...

Who needs Harry Potter, THIS is magic!

mc said...

It is so nice to see kids being so independent - i.e. being intuitive and not needing their parents to plug in the lamp etc.,
I know of some who need their parents for everything. And I know of parents who inspite of being proud of what the kids are doing, would scold them for reading in poor light (err.. and that would be me!)

BTW, this picture is a treasure - I would've never thought of clicking an awesome moment such as this!

utbtkids: loved your mini post too. To have a memory like that, ur child is so blessed.

Meera said...

Brings back memories of reading archie comics while eating and smuggling sidney sheldons to be read with flash lights :) I guess you are ready :D

Anonymous said...

how awesome is that! Have to start collecting books for her!
Gorgeous picture. Yet again.

Reva said...

Such a beautiful picture. Am so eager for the day my little one will read by herself! Yaay to Ashu :)

And utbt.. that is soooo cute and funny :)

Disha said...

Awwwww...this is sooo cute! That day isn't far when you will be reading Harry Potter series to them.

dipali said...

This is lovely! I remember my sister reading to me when I was little- it 's a very cherished memory.

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