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May 16, 2011

Real Muffins, Fake Cupcakes and Tiramisu.

Ashu's birthday celebrations seem to be extending for a long time. Since her school was closed for Spring break until the 1st of May, she had a small celebration in her class after the school reopened. The usual "going around the Sun 6 times", showing her baby pictures to her friends and teachers, eating cup cakes, etc... I baked rainbow cup cakes and they came out awesome thanks to the gel food colors Sis sent from the US. When I baked the rainbow cake last year, I did nt have gel food colors and even though the cake looked good, the colors were nt really vibrant. And I was quite apprehensive about making cupcakes because all that effort of mixing colors in four different batches for a simple muffin seemed tedious to me. But it turned out pretty easy actually. I had nt told Ashu that it was going to be rainbow muffins and when she got up in the morning and saw all the muffins, the expression on her face was priceless. Guess us moms are suckers for punishment just for that look on our kids faces! Whether its taking them to Disneyland during Spring break or baking rainbow muffins at midnight which are going to be half eaten and thrown in the trash by most of the kids!

We also had unexpected house guests the next week which Ashu thought was in her honor! We hardly have house guests and the kids were super thrilled. A very dear couple with their 2 daughters were on an Europe tour and stayed with us a night before going to Italy. Even though the friend claimed she was here to do laundry(!), we were excited to see them after ages! Ashu asked me yesterday if we can invite S and S for a playdate this week and I had to explain to her that they are in Italy now and will be going back to India and international play dates are nt the norm. Yet. :) The next day we had a small "cupcake" party at home with 2 girls who missed Ashu's birthday party. (Yes, you can say that again - Im a sucker for punishment!) Sis had sent a fake cupcake decorating kit for Ashu and the three girls went crazy making fake cupcakes while Antu and I were gobbling real banana muffins! Antu made sure to ask me "Is this real? Can I eat this?" though! Atta girl! The fake cream looked so real that whenever I got a bit of my cream in my hands while helping them, my first instinct was to lick it!!! Had to warn the girls a dozen times not to lick although Im sure a bit of it did find its way to their stomach! Well, a little bit of glue does nt harm anyone. Or does it?

The weekend was busy with back to back birthday parties for Ashu. What a busy social life these kids have! (And why does April/May have the most number of birthdays, anyway?!) And we had friends over for dinner on Sunday. And Ashu expected them to stay overnight! I made Tiramisu for the very first time and though it came out yummy, it was too much coffee for my taste especially since I dont drink coffee. Got to dilute the coffee more the next time I make it. Funny that when I was googling for Tiramisu recipe, I had to google "how to make coffee" because I did nt know the how many spoons of coffee powder to add to a cup of water to make the coffee! Yes, Im that girl who does nt even know how to make coffee that the Mothers-In-law love to complain about!! Come to think of it, I dont how to boil an egg either! I mean, I did nt! Have I told you how this one time I tried to boil an egg in a "microwave"?!!! God rest its soul! And I mean the microwave here! ;)


Vidya said...

The cupcakes, both real and fake ones, look yummy! Belated birthday wishes to the little girl! I liked the tags for this post too;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Boo,

Cup cakes look super yummy...

Tags - engyo poitenge!

Sujatha Ramesh

Me said...

...ennadhu idhu...birthday celebration monthaaa? I want to go back to the time when Birthdays for kids meant wearing pudhu sattai...doing an archanai in Temple and making paal payasam at home...

...sabba.. indha kalathula pasangala valarkardhu laam kashtam da saami...

cantaloupes amma said...

Rainbow muffins it is for my girl's birthday :)
And the fake cupcakes is a brillliant gifting idea.
I need to hang out with your sister .... she has some amazing ideas ;)

Meera said...

Rainbow cupcakes look awesome... superb idea!! But midnightla baking ah.. kalakareenga :):)

Anonymous said...

Cup cakes are looking awesome..I am drooling :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 'Me'. How true. We are just copying the West. It's a pity. And those who copy better take a pride and feel superior to those who don't. No offence Boo. The cup cakes are brilliant.

Mum's delight said...

The Tiramisu was yummy! Still thinking about it..And Sumedha keeps asking when we are going to your place again and next time we must stay longer it seems :)

noon said...

Boo - super maa - here I am a month shy of KG's birthday and I have not done a thing to plan for the party. Reading your post - ore tension. May be I will do 2 or 3 mini parties! Sounds good to me. :)
Semma velai aana!
Tell Ashu KG and KB would love to have an international play date with them both! :)

Anonymous said...

cute cupcakes though partial to the real one! Atta super mom! Scooby and Uvi waiting for playdate!

utbtkids said...

I have boiled egg in microwave. Can you believe the smell?!! It kept coming back fresh, every time I used it, no matter what how many times I cleaned it. Thank god, the microwave conked shortly after and I didn't have to throw it!

Yindha maadham bday madham-a?!! Kalakku Ashu.

Anonymous said...

Boo, The fake muffins look really yummy than the real ones!!! And where are the tiramisu photos???

B o o said...

Vidya - Thanks.

Sujatha - LOL. thanks.

Me - pasanga idhellam kekkardhe illai! ellaam nambale izhuthu vittukardhu dhaan! :D

CA - She has, na? I know! :)

Meera - Midnight is the only time available!!!

weourlife - they were surprisingly tasty too. Trust me! :)

B o o said...

Anon - Its all relative. I look at the super expensive kiddie parties thrown and raise my eyebrows. Paal Payasam parties look at me with raised eyebrows! what to do? :)

Mum's delight - Shes a sweet heart. Ashu is looking forward to see her again too.

Noon - Dont worry. I had no plans until 2 weeks before the party! I work well only under stress! Advance wishes to KG.

etc - hope the playdate happens real soon! :)

utbt - you have? phew. thats a relief.

Priya - silly me forgot to click. otherwise would have totally bragged, na? :))

Usha said...

Yummy looking muffins (rainbow and fake) Boo! We are back in town. Italy was a bit exhausting. And don't even mention laundry to me..because that is what I have been doing since we got back!:) Thanks (ok ok..that is the last time I thank!) for the wonderful time/food/fun/lau****! Do tell A & A that S & S are waiting for the playdate in B'lore.

Jill said...

Those colours are awesome!!

A couple of years ago we did Green Eggs (with food colouring)and Ham - a laDr Seuss.

It is great to be creative with food!

Best wishes from sunny Cairns Australia.
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

You have sooper mom!
Happy b'day!

Blogeswari said...

Besh! Besh! Rainbow cup cakes romba Joara irukku!

Anonymous said...

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