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September 30, 2010

First Day First Show.

Let the records show that today while Ashu was really unwell and running a high temperature and taking a long nap in the evening, the father of the said sick girl sneaked out of the house to watch the first day first show of Enthiran and hes not even a Rajini fanboy!

You thought I would let this one go, Hd? *insert evil laughter* My sis and I have never ever let my dad forget the fact that he was watching a cricket match in a different city while our mom was in labor. This is Ashus trump card. Use it well, my dear.

Hd's records might show that we tossed a coin to decide who goes and who stays but lets focus on whats important, shall we? I was home. He was NOT. ;)


yaadayaada said...

Paavam Kuzhandhai!
But then it is Rajini, first day, first day!

Me said... let HD watch it before you! way

we are going in an hour....

Me said...

ok...i will sneak in a get well soon ashu comment here...

B o o. said...

YY - Anything for Rajini, huh? May be he should spare some change (say one crore?) my way! ;)

Me - thanks for the wishes. its viral and shes already on the mend. And Im not gonna watch. No biggie for me. I watched VTV without him. So adhukum idhukum sariyaa pochu! :) Irukkave irukku DVD.

Praveen said...

Hope the kid is feeling better now.

Usha said...

Get well soon Ashu! Reminds me of the time when S was asking the nurse if he could watch Ind/Pak match (standing right next to the bed with a woman in labour..that too before epidural!) Later he tells me that if the baby would have been a boy, he would have named him 'Sehwag' (who hit a triple century in that match) !!!
Btw, how was Robot?

R's Mom said...

Review awaited...hope Ashu's getting better....did you really toss the coin???

Reva said...

Enna oru villathanam!
HD.. its ok.. Ashu has all the makings of a true Rajini fan.. so don't worry! :D

ps.. good to hear she's better! :D

Unknown said...

did you send him alone or with a gallon of milk for the opening festivities?

on a real note, hope the kid gets well soon and you get to go see the movie!


Cee Kay said...


Well, if Hd wants his side of the story known, he can very well open his own blog and write it there :D

I like it - Ashu's trump card. He he he!

Cee Kay said...

What a mean aunt I am!! Even forgot to squeal "Ashu's sick??! Poor baby!!" Consider it duly squealed. How is she now? Hope she is better now.

B o o said...

Praveen - Shes fine. thanks.

Usha - LOL! Endhiran is getting rave reviews of course. Dont know about Robot. The husband loved it.

R's mom - LOL! was kidding. but we did the "no. you go. no no. you go" dance routine though. :)

Reva - ha ha! Only time will tell. :)

Sundar - LOL! Sent him. Adhuve periya vishayam! ;)

Cee - You never know. He might have a secret one. I give enough fodder for a blog or two anyway! :) Ashu is very much better, thank you.

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