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June 17, 2010

Today is Ashu's last day of school. From August, shes going to be a Kindergartner. In another campus aka Big School. I'm very emotional about it and nagging Ashu so much that she is this close to saying, "Cut it out, Ma! Its Pre K I'm passing out of. Not PhD!" Well, what does she know?

She had a play date with her school friend yesterday at our place and the girls had a blast. A fitting end to this school year. And as soon as her friend left, Ashu asked if she can have a play date the next day as well. I told her no and informed her that we will be doing something special after school to celebrate the last day of Pre K. This made her very excited. "I want to buy something, Amma", she told me. We were in a store that time and I told her, "OK. Whatever you want!" So she picked up a big bag of sweets (the chewy ones, like fruitella?) and asked, "Can I buy this?" I remembered that she has been asking for this big bag of sweets for over a year now in the same shop. (This shop is right next to our building and we go there almost every day) And I have been always saying no because well, I can! Just kidding. Because it was a BIG bag and I did nt even know if she would like that sweet. But yesterday I said OK. There was this disbelief in Ashus face. "Really?", she asked. "Of course", I said and put it in our basket. Ashu followed me and asked, "Amma. Is it OK how much ever money it is? Can we still buy it?" I was shocked. I was always thinking that I have never said no to ashu because something was expensive. Only because we did nt need it. Apparently, I seem to have. More than one time that too! I told her that this was a special occasion and it was a treat. I felt quite bad and at the same time proud of her. All this for a bag of sweets which was on half price sale that day! Lucky me, huh? :)

I'm proud of you Sweetheart. Wishing you a wonderful time in Kindergarten too.


yaadayaada said...

Thatz one sweet child!

ambulisamma said...

If you had not talked abt money to her,am really surprised she came up with the money portion.Superb kid anyway!

Mama - Mia said...

what a sweetheart!

and maybe kids pick up from our conversation with other as well! like she might have heard you and HD talk about how expensive something is or isnt! :)

if only they listened to just what was spoken to them life would be simpler for longer time! hehe!


Rohini said...

Ayaan has no concept of expensive yet. He has a stack of coins collected from all over the house and it adds up to some twenty five bucks and he thinks he can buy anything under the sun with it. :D

bitsofchocolate said...

Lovely post. Can't believe that Ashu's already headed to the big school

Seems like yesterday that you wrote about her first birthday party in B'lore !

I vote this to be your best post so far - just because you mentioned Fruitella :-)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Good girl Ashu !!

In this part, anything that I do not buy is deemed "Expensive OR / AND unnecessary".

Anonymous said...

Dear Boo

I have been reading your blog (each and every post) for the last few days.

Have cherished each and every word you have written.

Hope I too become a mother someday soon. Till then am (vicariously) living motherhood through your postings.

Till then, thank you for sharing your experiences. Your are touching lives in more ways that you might have imagined.

Ending with warm regards


Sunitha said...

Congratulations Ashu, hope you rock at KG too :)

Neera said...
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Neera said...

Awww sweet ..the innocence. I identify with our child asking us "Really?" part and to be honest i enjoy it :)

Wishing her a rocking KG year ahead!

Booky Buddies said...

Hope Ashu has a wonderful time at kindergarten :) I've just started a mommy baby group with my 15 month old and the first day I was all emotional, 'my daughter is going to school' kinds :) I'll probably be bawling in a corner when she starts school by herself!

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