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January 28, 2010

You are it!

I did this tag for Ashu when she was 18 months. Am doing the same for Antu too as an update. Shes 19 months old.

3 Things That Scare Me
I live with my mom, ok? Nothing can be more scarier than that.

3 People That Make Me Laugh

3 Things I Love
Dora title song.
Dora book.
Dora stuffed toy.

3 Things I Hate
Only 3? Ok I ll try to keep it short.
When I dont get my way while snatching stuff from Akka.
When Amma does nt fall for my fake puppy eyes and yells at me.
When Akka sits on Amma or Appas lap.

3 Things I Don't Understand
Im not as clueless as my akka was when she was my age. Ask me anything and I ll answer. Nothing is beyond my understanding. Although I dont understand why I cant play with the toilet roll and strew the paper all over the bathroom. And why cant I break every crayon Akka has safely kept for the past 5 years? Why cant I tear Akkas favorite paper books which she has nt even creased?

3 Things On My Floor.
The entire contents of the house. About 1008 things.
My mom coz shes always trying to clean up after me.
Akka coz shes worried what I have broken/tore/damaged this time.

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now
Playing Piano with my toes.
Nodding my head, shaking my butt and clapping along for the song "excuse me mr kandasamy"! Wondering what damage I can do next.

3 Things I Can Do
I can sing "W X Y And Z. Now I know my abc, next time wont you z z z" loudly.
I can say "amma look at me" out of the blue and make Amma jump.
I can sing "kaa kaa mai kondaa, kuvvi kuvvi pookondaa, pasoo pasoo paal kudu" thanks to Paati.

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
Rowdy Raakaayee.
Jealous Jalaja.
Appa Gondu.

3 Things I Cant do
muahaha! Theres nothing I cant cant do. I can list 3 things I wont do though, will do?
I wont let Akka be in peace even for a minute.
I wont do anything easily. Its exciting to make everything a battle.
I wont let Amma win over Karma.

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
My Akka. She says some really silly stuff and makes me laugh.
My fav song of course. Kangal irandaal...
My grandpa, Pema and Pepa on the phone. I love to hear them talk.

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
My mom. Shes evil.
The research that says kids below 2 should nt watch TV. bah!
That the youngest kids are trouble. You ll get lucky only once, capice?

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
Flavored Yogurt

3 Things I'd Like to Learn
How to reach the higher shelves.
How to hoodwink Amma when Im doing something naughty.
How to speed dial Thatha when Im in trouble.

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
Milk because I have to.
Water because I like the water bottle.
You mean theres something called juice in this world? *glares at amma*

3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
I dont have the attention span to watch dumb shows. So I watch
Dora title song.
Diego title song.
Gilmore girls title song.

Fellow Babies That I am Tagging

Come on fellas, lets show them what we second borns are made of. Long time no see. Keeping your mommies busy, I hope! :)


Sands said...

good list Boo. I can relate to this one even though my little one is a lot older :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...poor thing, she is just a little toddler. She looks so cut and you call her little rakayee and Jealous Jalaja...I tell you she is not going to like it when she reads this after growing up :)

P.S I read your blog regularly but commenting here first time - Preethi

Anonymous said...

Sorry..that she looks so cute and not a cut..a typo - Preethi

Artnavy said...

lovely- delightful- cant wait to get there for aditi...

Choxbox said...


Poppy said...

Adorable! About the tag dunno.. I could never do something as cute or funny Boo, you're the best!

Rohini said...

I did this for Ayaan too and the first one (what scares you) read exactly the same :)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

wow Boo she looks so cute :)
you have a way with words, wonderful tag
rowdy rakkayee - would like to see you next time you are here :)

Its our space said...

Absolutely rocking . Amma and!!!

Dee said...

hahaha.. you are (oops..Antu is) good!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely hilarious!

Manchus said...

Rowdy Rakhayee..cute name. I remember for Ashu you had Paratai Sundari or something in those lines. I use Jealous Jalaja for Rhea as she just doesn't like when her Daddy holds Rohan. Even now...after almost 2 years.

Second borns are more fearless I guess. First ones are more cautious and watch their steps.

DuhDuhDD Dora song is all time favourite at our place too. Along with that it is Pappu can't Dance and Pocket mein Rocket hai. All wierd lyrics songs...this generation!!!!! Tcch...

Dee said...

Been reading your blog a while.
I am a second-born too with 2 boys aged 4 and 2 !!!
first-ones are paavams and innocent..second ones are truly chamthu-polladhu as my mom calls it..
they have amazing comprehension and stubbornness that the first-borns lack !!!

MLC said...

LOL!! ippo "rowdy raakaayee".. apram naanga "revolvr rita", "blade pankajam" nu graduate aayiduvoam le??;-)

Lakshmi said...

Had real fun reading this. And I checked your post on Ashu too and could see a great deal of difference between first and second borns ;)

Cee Kay said...

LOL! I loved the second "item" on your list of 3 things on the floor :)

Anonymous said...

Kangal irandaal? This girl has taste! Of course... being the younger one!

R's Mom said...

so sweet :) she is total fun na :)

Sri said...

My 3.5 month old daughter loves Kangal Irandal too!

mim said...

now hush about speeddialing thatha ok...
even secondborns sleeping in the other room here in KL have ears.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo...
Loved the list. Too good. I just love your style of writing. I'm a mom to a 2.5year old brat. I hope You wont mind if I did a similar list for my boy...

Trish said...

sooo sweet!! Antu is adorable!

Swati said...

She is such a cutie ..hugs and love !

Nice update mumma!

B o o said...

Sands - Whats age got to do with it? Im sure I can do this tag for Hd even and you ll relate to it too! ;)

Preethi - Are you a second born too? ;)

Art - For your sake, I wish Aditi is just like Anush. But knowing Art and Navy, she will be! :)

Chox - Me, right? Thanks! :D

Poppy - thats a clever way to get out of the tag, huh? :)

Ro - LOL! I ll go read Ayaans archives and be prepared then!

Kowsalya - Definitely.

IOS - sigh! my life is a joke to you!

Dee - Thankoo.

ETC - :)

Manchus - Ashu was the JJ until recently. Now its Antus turn to be one and shes showing Ashu how its properly done! Scary, I tell ya!

B o o said...

Deepa - As a second born, I empathize with Antu. After all, we have to compete from day 1. But as a mom, I want to pull my hair out and scream!

MLC - adhu ellam aagi enna prayojanam? ippa karma is biting my backside! sigh!

Lakshmi - hell lot of difference. Hd and I tell each other that God tricked us to get a second one by showing a good sample aka Ashu! :D

CA - Well, I guess I have to see the lighter side to stay sane! :)

GTN - :)

Inba - note that she also loves to dance to Kandasami! Shes a tough mix!

Rs Mom - oh ya. total fun. Want her?

Sri - We use that song all the time in the car to keep her entertained. Lets as well as get some use out if it, right? :)

MIM - LOL! Thathas are crazy, are nt they?

Medha - of course not. Take up the tag please. Im sure I flicked the idea from someone too! ;)

Dipali - Whose side are you on, D? *ok, I agree that was a stupid question*

Trish and Swati - Sweet, adorable, cute? Did you guys read the right post?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a second born as well and the youngest did you guess???? - Preethi

Sachita said...

I sort of had a feeling that antu will be trouble from all those innocent looking pics of her before she turned 1.

And this is about your prev. post, Ashu is looking quite tall for her age. Cute children:)

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