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January 15, 2010


So we watched Avatar while we were in the US since I wanted to watch it in 3D Imax. Like the majority vote, it was an experience in itself to watch the movie. But I just could nt help comparing the story to the dozens of village subject Tamil movies and snigger. Replace Pandora with a village in interior Madurai area. Replace the dragon with a murattu kaalai, Panchayathu thalaivar, his daughter, bad rich people who want to construct a hmm... factory? in the agricultural fields, the hero falling in love with the village belle, good over evil climax scene, praying to Mariamman and dancing with Veppilai to save a life, the murai maapillai,.... No? You dont think so? Im not able to stop once I start. Even Neytris father, the leader of the clan has a distinct nose like Nasser. (and coincidentally he has acted in the tamil movie named Avataram!!! LOL! )

Seriously! The hero falling in love with the first alien he sets his eyes on! Typical or what! Why cant he be involved with the Pandora people just like Sigourney Weaver was? The boy meets girl angle is so unnecessary for this kind of a movie, I thought. That said, I loved the movie. If in spite of the story line I loved the movie so, its only because of the stunning visuals, the attention to details, the amazing way a brand new planet with aliens have been created,.. Pure genius. And watching it in 3D was mind blowing.

Also watched Kurbaan. There was this movie theatre which was showing this movie FOR FREE and Hd and I went to watch it. We even got soda and popcorn free! Only in the US, I tell you! It was an ok movie. It was good the first 30 mins or so. Then *yawn*! I told Hd later,

"if I were her, I would nt care about my dads life. I ll do everything to get away from you".

Hd - If I were him, I would know in an instant that you were seducing me to get the map!

Me - *rolling eyes* And you would ve stopped anything happening I suppose?

Hd - Well,.. I did nt say that!

Men, I tell you! May be they WILL fall in love with the first alien woman they set their eyes on, after all! With or without a tail.


Anonymous said...

Avatar : Super comparison with - only you can come up with this!! but it is so true...

But for the special effects, 3D charm I found it an ordinary movie.

Kurbaan - please read blogeswari's review. I just did not stop laughing for a while.

chumma over hype I tell you...

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

Great comparisons !
The dragon and the hero reminded me of vishnu and garudan may be because they were blue people, and jetskis to some extent. and I liked the 'bonding' part in the movie.
I now hear that people go into 'depression' after watching Avatar that there are groups that are beginning to support the victims :)

Sands said...

totally share your thoughts on Avatar Boo. I said exactly this to the OH and the friends I watched this movie with. Couldn't stop the comparison to a Rajini movie :) Am glad someone else shares my opinion. Loved the visuals, animation and technology just like you!

The Print Lover said...

Yet to watch Avatar. But when I saw the trailer, I was thinking if they were inspired by Hindu mythology. The blue skin (Krishna), garuda like flying birds etc.

Praveen said...

Beleive it or not, I am yet to watch Avtaar.

Kurbaan didn't make sense to me at all! I would like to know what you thught of 3 Idiots if ever you watch it.

And then will you be watching this?

MLC said...

yennadhidhu?? indha maadhiri oru post ku unga "signature tags" illaama yeppadi post-a publish panna manasu vandhadhu???

Sri said...

Agree with u completely about Avatar..we took along my dad to see the movie and he said it looks like our old MGR movies!

Shobana said...

he he he...loved the last lines about men :))

Vee said...

If the hero had been like grace, the movie would have been a documentary. There needs to be a romance/ thaali sentiment/ mother sentiment. Atleast now we can say - James Cameron went on a vacation to Madurai and saw the pannaiyaar movies from thiruttu VCD and copy-aduchified them as english movies. And if there is a sequel, the pricess has to die but only after giving the hero a navi-human child.

Free movie! - Only in Bay Area!!!

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

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starry eyed said...

Totally loved the movie, it's messages abt the environment etc, the Navi tribe was beautifully 'designed' and so attractive.

But finally, the White Messiah theme jarred big-time for me. Why do a group of people always need a White Man to save themselves from exploitation or devastation? They can think for themselves. I didn't like that stereotyped logic.

here's a link about that,

And I so agree abt the love-story part. And a lot of it including the title is lifted from Hindu mythology, yes! They could at least give credit. Or did they?

Sasha said...

Hey what makes everyone think Madurai is a violent place?????

Anonymous said...

It was hard to imagine a Pannayaar in Chennai. If it will make you feel better sub Madurai with any other place with some vayalveli. Maybe Kumbakonam might be better in boosblog! But who said Madurai is soo violent?

DDmom said...

ROFL on your Pandora - Madurai analogy. Script writer-one more in your kitty bag.
But the icing on the cake is - "WILL fall in love with the first alien woman they set their eyes on, after all! With or without a tail."

dipali said...

Loved your last line!!!!

B o o said...

Sasha - No offence to Madurai. Its all thanks to Paruthi veeran, subramaniyapuram,.. effect! :)

B o o said...

Vee - you gotta get your facts right. Kmu wont have a pannayaar only a pattaamaniyaar! :D

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