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December 19, 2009

Winter Holidays.

So we are in the US now. Mom, Hd, the girls and I. 3 weeks with my sister and Bil! Its all nice once we get home and eat hot idlis with gothsu. But the travel! OH GOD THE TRAVEL! So we left on Tuesday early morning at 6 am. Guess where Hd was the previous day? He was out of town and came home at midnight! And Ashu had a terrible cough and I did nt send her to school. Antu had such a bad cold that she was throwing up. My mom and I had sore throat. Shall I go on? OK if you insist... so the airlines screwed up our food request and did nt have vegetarian meals for us. For both the legs. So we survived on lettuce and juice for 19+ hours! Ashu and Antu were absolute dolls the entire trip. Hd on the other hand picked up a fight with the trolley guy at the Newark airport, talked back to the immigration guy instead of following "saringa officer" routine and got on my nerves like only he could! My mom? Well, she and Ashu had a kudumipidi fight for the window seat. My mom won!

Needless to say, we are having a ball here. Still not out of the jet lag. But that means watching TV at 4 am sipping hot tea and playing bowling and tennis in Wii, so I'm not complaining! We are all off for a mini vacation from this vacation for a week. More on that later.


Sojourner said...

lol :)

Niv said...

all my pities are with you, but I guess it turned out well in the end

Dwija said...

Hello Boo, Welcome back to California :) I am an ardent fan of your writing!! Got introduced to your blog through Prabhu and have totally fallen in love with your blog! I would like to get introduced personally, would you mind sharing your email ID? mine is Thanks, Dwija.

Shobana said...

Have fun!

Rush said...

Happy Holidays to everyone in Boo-dom!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys must be loaded to travel back and forth to US and India and Switzerland. Where does your hubby work? May be I should work there too :).


Meghna said...

What does your husband do for a living ? May be I should send mine to work for the same firm.

Btw, I remember in one of your posts abt you asking HD abt when he’ll become a VP. Don’t push him tat way ok…talking from experience here. The one I have at home is a senior VP(he’s 33 and works for a good financial firm in NY), but can’t afford any of the trip like you guys…or Well, when I begin to think abt it…it’s kinda like whether he wants us to have fun like that….less said the better …it’s just a matter of hubby one get.

You have such a blessed life dear, hope it stays that way and u’r hubby takes care of you and your kids like this till the end.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How your dear hubby gets this many days off.. Lucky you and your kids -Manjari

noon said...

Man, I love these family get together posts from you! It just spells F.U.N!! What an awesome family! Dhristi go away!

ambulisamma said...

I really admire you for surviving on lettuce n juice.If it had been me,i would have starved than to eat lettuce.(puli pasithalum pullai thinnadhu).It happened to me as well, once in United airlines,i starved during both to and fro trip,but it was a short flight from Singapore to Hongkong,unlike your 19 hrs.So be sure to check that you guys get AVM in the return trip.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

What a lively post!

I know what you mean about airlines messing up on food requests. They did that with my sis too and she ended up eating almost nothing! Hope you had a great time though!

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