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December 10, 2009

Ms. Know It All.

A couple of days back, Ashu in a matter of fact tone told me, "Santa Claus is not real, amma"! I just nodded my head and went my way. The thing is we have never talked about Santa that much in this house. She has seen him on TV, read a few books with him in it. She went to see Sami Claus (Swiss Santa) with her class last week. So that's about it. Since I have never believed that Santa is real when I was a kid, it was nt such a shocker to me. But later thinking about it, I wondered how she knew. So I asked her tonight just before bed. Here goes...

Me - So? Santa is not real, huh?

Ashu - No amma. He is not.

Me - How do you know?

Ashu - I know.

Me - But what about the real Santa who comes through the chimney and gives gifts to kids?

Ashu - Hes not real. Only amma appa give gifts!

Me - huh? *wondering how she knows that. she does nt even get xmas gifts from us!*

Ashu - and also to fly in the sky and give gifts, he needs thousands and thousands of reindeers. but there are only very few reindeers in the forest. so Santa cant fly fast and give gifts without reindeers! *get the logic? less reindeers affecting gift delivery hence no Santa!*

Me - But Santa might know magic right? What if he does magic and sends gifts?

Ashu - No amma. Only people dress up as Santa. Like we saw Bob the Builder in Legoland.

Me - *faking shock* WHAT? bob the builder is not real too?

Ashu - amma! he comes on TV. so its not real. except animals. only animals are real.

Me - Wow! You are very smart, Ashu!

Ashu - No amma. Im super smart!

Me - !!!

Later, I read the book, Grandmother Winter to her before bedtime. In the book, grandmother shakes her feather white quilt and snow falls through the air and everyone prepare themselves for winter. So I asked her,

"how do you think snow falls, Ashu? in this story, grandma shake the quilt. Can you make up a reason like that?

Ashu - hmmm....

Me - You know what I think? Theres a big ice cream truck in the sky. And when the doors of the truck open, all the vanilla ice cream is falling down like snow!

Ashu - (laughs)

Me - So you tell me now.

Ashu - I think that the rain drops are feeling very cold and they become ice and they fall down as snow.

Me - Sigh!

I give up. Theres nothing left to teach.


Lakshmi said...

You are doing a great job with her :)

Unknown said...

LOL! Thats 1 smart ms. know-it-all! :)
They do grow up too fast don't they?

yaadayaada said...

Ha Ha Ha! Perimmava konduirukku!

R's Mom said...

Wow she is one smart kiddo :)Seriously you have nothing left to teach heheh :)

Sue said...

I'm sighing too. Whatever happened to that wee kid whose antics I chuckled over?

Maggie said...

See she's right. She's supersmart!

Nithya Sriram said...

woow... thats a very smart answer :)

deej said...

That girl is smart. DOn't you go sighing over her, young lady!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

she is super smart to think about raindrops freezing and becoming ice.. a scientist in the making..
but Ashu.. please.. please don't apply logic to all things in life :(

The Double Inverted Commas said...

I think the children of today are mature beyond their years...They know soooo much!!!

ambulisamma said...

Mindblowing stuff on snow Boo.Its amazing,just wondering what were upto in these years,surely nothing like this.I guess she had inherited intelligence from her father.

B o o said...

Lakshmi - i swear this is just an one time thing! ;)

Mindful Meanderer - yup, they do! :(

YY - I thought exactly the same. shes a no nonsense gal like you! sigh! as if it is nt enough that I grew up with one that I ve to see this too!

Rs Mom - I think pretty soon she ll have lot to teach me!

Sue - the 2nd ones seem to grow up even faster!

Mags - smart and arrogant to boot! ;)

Nithya - and knows it too! aint it a dangerous combination? :)

Deej - yes mam!

Kowsalya - exactly my thoughts, Kowsalya! But i guess older ones are older ones for a reason! :(

DIC - That they are. Right from the moment they are born, they seem to be so aware of everything! wish they were this fast in potty training though! ;)

Ambulis Amma - huh? whatever gave you that idea? you would nt say that if you met the man! do you even read my blog? Its all me, ok? ;)

Rohini said...

Too cute. She;s a smart kid! :)

utbtkids said...

She did say she is super smart, didn't she?? I don't know why you even try. Ice cream truck, yeah right.

Sojourner said...

a colleague of mine complains of a similar sort... apparently his son reads all sorts of books and takes the fun out of everything :) so while the parents enjoy the beauty of the moon and the night, poetically, he in turn explains to them how the moon shines, scientifically :)
may be we have it wrong... we need magic when we are older :) [duh? ;)]

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

What its not ice cream truck ... what was I thinking all these years ??? I need lessons from super smart Ashu !

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Shobana said...

Ms. Smarty pants huh??? Seriously, I think it is time for you move to Antu and teach her some stuff.

Vibaas said...

LOL! Too cute :)

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Manchus said...

Appadi podu Ashu!!! Love her answer for the snowflake. Guess they learn science sooner now than before. My daughter seems to know it too :(

I always thought that Indra is pouring a bucket of water when it rains and when there were thunderstorm, I used to be shit scared and said "Arjuna,Arjuna" because Arjuna is Indra's fav son.

See there I applied logic of Call the fav son's name in case you need help from Dad :) But never ever did I think that it was Water vapour and such until Science came in life!!! Sigh!!

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Subhashree said...

Lol at Yaadayaada!

Tell me about it Boo. The first borns are too boring!

Tharini said...

I don't know whether to send out a big boisterous laugh or to give you a quiet hug and nod sagely and say 'I hear you'. I like this kid. She is straight. And calls a spade a spade.:)

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deepa ravi said...

Boo! Visitor sent me here and I found myself nodding all the way through. I have a 6-year old who too is wise beyond her years!!! I know at times we do feel like we have nothing more to teach. At other times they surprise us with their innocence. Sigh! But then what's life without these little unexpected surprises. BTW I wrote something similar recently

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Today's kids are so smart! Loved the conversation you had with her.

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