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June 17, 2009

One cant fight genes much, I guess.

Remember the quote in Friends when Rachel says, "Oh my God. I've become my father. I've been trying so hard not to become my mother, I didn't see this coming”? Its almost the same case for me. I was trying so hard not to become like my dad that I have become a deadly combo of both my mom and dad. Yesterday for the first time I called Ashu as Antu and she gave me a stern warning. "I'm not Antu, Amma. Don't call me Antu." Oh, man! Why am I having a Deja Vu?

Other things I say which I ve invountarily borrowed from my mom -

~ "I have only two hands. Cant you see?"

~ "I'm a human being, not a machine".(Funny when you say it in Tamil, manushi and machine rhyme!)

~ "If you can't help, at least don't trouble me". (ubayogamaa illennaalum, ubathravamaa illaama iru!)

~ "Kadangaari!" (literally means someone who owes you money. But its a common term to scold a child in Tamil.)

~ "If you keep doing like this, I ll just leave ok?" (Leave from the world actually but I keep that part open ended!!)

~ "What gall! Have nt sprouted three leaves and you talk this much?" (enna thimuru! mulaichu moonu ilai vidalai, enna pechu pesara?)

~ "If you talk like this, I ll leave once for all!" (and then mutter to myself because I cant bring myself to tell her yet - "afterwards you can cry Amma, Amma but I wont be there!") I know, I know! I'm a meanie!

~ "There are kids who are going hungry every day. Eat your food and don't waste it."

~ Rendum rendaappa, rendum keyandaappa! (Im baffled here for the translation. Literally means, "I ve two ladles and both of them are useless" and here the two ladles refer to Ashu & Antu!)

The most annoying thing my dad said which I'm repeating now:

"Ashu, everything has a lifetime. That zipper in the bag can be pulled up and down only like 100 times. If you unnecessarily keep doing it, it will stop working soon."
Replace zipper with light switch/TV remote/ballpoint pen/drawers/doors/windows/curtains/clips/fan/buttons,... and I use the same dialogue for everything!

*bangs head against the wall and then realizes that that's something her mom did too*


Mama - Mia said...


you so so rock Boo! :) thanks for the laughs!! :p


Pretty Woman said...

LOL! All of them sound super familiar to me...coz I heard it from my Amma too!!! :-) Funny post! ( at least for us!)

Devaki said...

LOL! I don't understand Tamil but even the translations were hilarious!!!

Jichi said...

LOL! My mom used all these too, and am using the same to my kids (9 months and 6.5 yrs!) Nice one Boo!


Me said...


Sands said...

OMG!! Can so relate to this post. And I pray everyday to give me the good genes from mom and dad and not the bad ones :)

Sachita said...

i heard most of this from my mom too, so looks like u r just not fighting one gene but a whole pool of it!

Shobana said...

Hahaha! Aren't we all like that! Most of these are common in our household too.

Anusha said...

couple of decades from now, Ashu, Antu will carry the torch forward!

ps: was looking forward to the tags on this one :)

Anonymous said...

Some more in our House you used to be.....Kazhudhai, Poi tholaikaren, shaniyane, chonna kekardhungardhu vazhakame kadaiyaadhu etc etc

But since my lil is on only 2 I am not there yet:))


Unknown said...


DotThoughts said...


MLC said...

u hv a really funny way of expressing yrslf:-)! good fr u! (& yr readrs!)

B o o said...

Kodis mom - there you go! Why disappoint you? Added labels! ;)

NC said...

ha ha ha ...had to delurk for this one. Very funny! You write very well. I know waht you mean though. I can relate with you. :) Sometimes I catch myself talking to N, just like mom would talk to babies :)
But then I am so porous that I can sound like anyone if I stay with them for a little while. I jsut catch these kind of things too fast. I HATE THIS!!

VJ said...

it brought back memories !!
hearing these after a long time !!
and great tags !!!

Its our space said...

Kodumai kodumainnu kovilukku pona enna aagum..ippadi mandaya pichikka vechiteengale..pls to complete that.

My mom,her brothers and sisters all use this one - "vandhadhum pei valarthadhum pei kondu vandhadho kodaali pei". I use it often :)

All these pazhamozhis remind me of SV Sekar's thathas kizhamozhis in Kadhula poo :)

Artnavy said...


i do it too and have appointed navy my alarm bell for such moments

L said...

Hahahahah....really funny post!


L said...

Hahahahaha....really funny post! :-)
You have a way with words!


L said...

Hahahahah....really funny post!


Praveen said...

huahahahahahahaha :)
Now look forward to what ur kids have to say, they carry ur genes no! :)
Indha appa ammave idaapi thaan!

Velagi ponal virumbi varum
(I mean the genes here :D )

yaadayaada said...

Its our space,
kodumai kodumainu kovilukku pona, anga oru kodumai thalai virichundu aadum.

Anonymous said...

All of us go thru same exact "moments" in our life .But Boo has best words to describe it. I love love reading your blog. I laugh out loud reading your blogs and my 14 months joins the laughing party.

Boo you are funny , hilarious and so good with words.

b u b b l e s said...

ROTFL. Grandma used it.. Mom does it.. Year down the line when I have kids.. I guess I am going to be no different. ;P Typical Tambram thittu words and awesomest tags.. Our pazhamozhis rock..
//ubayogamaa illennaalum, ubathravamaa illaama iru
//enna thimuru! mulaichu moonu ilai vidalai, enna pechu pesara?
//Rendum rendaappa, rendum keyandaappa!

Looks like we pass on more than just virtues to the next gen! ;)

Poppins said...

More than your posts these days, I'm ROFL at the tags Boo. You're the best.

So, when is your book coming out?

Praveen said...

Akka! book ezhudhaporela?? ;)

and yes these days tags are rocking. :)

Anonymous said...

//"If you talk like this, I ll leave once for all!" (and then mutter to myself because I cant bring myself to tell her yet - "afterwards you can cry Amma, Amma but I wont be there!") //
OK everytime my Mom is going to say this, I will be reminded of you!
You are the best, Boo!!!

mommyof2 said...

lol! I tell them that if you make me talk or yell too much, my throat will get hurt and I will go to jai jai!! since I have used it so many times now they don't care for this either..

cute post:-)

B o o said...

"Kodumai kodumai nnu kovilkku ponaa, anga oru kodumai dhingu dhingunnu aadichaam" is more apt, YY! :D

IOS - Cant believe you did nt know this already! *gives a stern look*

Praveen - Poppy is pulling my leg! Book aa, naana? muahahaha!

Thanks people for the comments. At this rate, I should stop writing posts and only stick to labels! :D

Manchus said...

Adey engappa!! All the sayings were what my Mom used to say..I do use one or two from the lot. The one that I use is 'Kadangara/Kadangari'. I feel guilty after that and say sorry.
That is another story.

Oh yes, i do use I am going to leave you and go away......but occassionally.

Don't worry, I am not 'Porumayin Shikaram', but I use words in Hindi :)

Manchus said...

BTW I love the rock!!

Neera said...

Boo u r hilarious! Ur blog is my official humor of the day site :))

And since others rave so much abt the tags, pliss to tell us what they mean.

Subhashree said...

Boo, you rock! I love you.

mnamma said...


dipali said...

It takes such a conscious effort not to turn into our moms! And we still spout their dialogues so often. Wottodo, they've conditioned us too well:(

Anonymous said...

Oh dear GOD!! LOL!! You are as adorable as your little angels!!

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