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June 12, 2009

Interview with the Diva.

I really loved this post by Kodis Mom. I asked Ashu the same Qs as soon as I read that post and saved her answers. Only now I remembered to write them here. So here goes... (It is a list of 20 some questions that you ask your kid, then you write up their responses and blare it to the whole world so they will never forgive you. ;)

1. Me - What is something I say to you?
Ashu - You are saying a question!
Me - (translates the Q to Tamil)
Ashu - You say "answer me"!
Me - *gulp* (first answer laye aappu!)

2.What makes me sad?
When Im hurt.

3. What makes me happy?
When I make you happy by doing silly things.

4.How do I make you laugh?
You say silly questions.
Sa says the sun flower.

5. What do you think I was like when I was a child?
Good girl. (muahaha)

6. How old am I?

35 (31 or 35, what does it matter? sigh!)

7. How tall am I?


8.What is my favorite thing to do?

I don't know.
Clean up and shopping.

9. What do I do when you’re not around?
Stay with Antu.

10. If I become famous for something, what will it be for?

Whats famous?
Very popular. Everyone in the world will know you.

Like Obama?
You will become Gods favorite, Amma. (where did that come from? And more importatnly, am I going to die a dramatic death?)

11. What am I really good at?
Dancing. (this one was truly a revelation as I did nt realize that she knew how much I love dancing!)

12. What am I not really good at?

Nothing. (hee hee hee!)

13. What do you and I do together?


14. What is my job?

Laptop work!

15. What is my favorite food?

Salad. (I think she knows me better than my husband!!)

16 What makes you proud of me?

When you say "I love you".

17 What is something that you do that makes me proud?

When i finish my lunch, finish the puzzle.

18 How are we both the same?

When we both are wearing pink dress!

19 How are we both different?

When you are black dress and Im pink dress. (profound, huh?)

20 How do you know I love you?
when I say I love you, you say you love me too!

21 What is the one thing you wish you could change about me?

Nothing. (atta girl!)

22 What do you wish you could go and do with me?

Ariel puzzle.

Do take it up as a tag if you wish.


L said...

Oh my God...this is one darling girl!! The God's favorite answer really got me bursting out!!! Love her!!


Subha said...

Lil Girl! She knows what mama would like as a response too! Aren't little girls God's bestest creation?

A journey called Life said...

way to go Ashu.. so cute.. cant wait for my son to grow up so I can ask him these questions..nice write up as always Boo, the tags are just as awesome!god bless

yaadayaada said...

So cute! Can you please try these questions after I meet her again. That way, I can train her! :-)

Sachita said...

except for the first aapu, everthing else wasnt damaging at all, cute :)

artnavy said...

i wante dto do it once i saw it at kodis itself

urs was a pretty flattering review!!

now let me ask anush- i need to pick a good time:D

Manchus said...

Mommmy's girl Ashu. Now Yaadayaada train Ashu and Antu as well. Don't forget to take a printout of this post next time you meet them and compare the answers then :)

BTW Boo these days the labelling is 'Asathal' ,'Dhool-tucker'.

Reva said...

he he.. she's given u such rave comments!! :)

I loved this the most
"3. What makes me happy?
When I make you happy by doing silly things."

She's such a darling.. I'll wait for mine to grow up before I can ask all this.. for now I'll only get 'aghoo', 'mmmm' etc.

Anonymous said...

oh, very nice. i'm gonna do this. but my first is 7+ and will tell me exactly what i want to hear. i think.
very nice blog.

Anusha said...

she's a sweetheart! and she's so tuned into you.
"You will become Gods favorite" wow!!

now, to up the ante a bit, try asking your hd these same qs ;)

Shobana said...

She is very sweet...some of her answers are very diplomatic...don't you think?

Pipette's Mimi said...

Awww shooo shweet!!:)
I will saveup this tag for later!

mnamma said...

Attagirl Ashu!!! LOL at the tags (summa kidandha sangu was tops) and loved KM's suggestion - would love to read your HD's reponses :)

Mama - Mia said...

i will wait till i can actually follow what Cubby is saying! :P

but this was good stuff Boo! :)



Sunita Venkatachalam said...

:) Actually she's gotten most answers correctly! Girls :) *smug smile*

Blogeswari said...

Tagged again!

Chitra said...

oh wow, she is very cute:)

B o o said...

Thanks for the comments, people! Im sure she ll have a different set of answers if I ask her in a couple of weeks. May be we should update this interview every few months!!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Booo.. unga post super.. unga labels adha vida soooooooper..

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